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    RS3 vs M2 vs A45s vs boxster GTS

    Works great in mine…
  2. dbm

    First dealer chatter about a FL

    I bought my PFL literally on the day the facelift was announced!
  3. dbm

    Should I Daily my RS3?

    Did 60k in my 8V and 80k in my 8P… the point of these cars is they are a car with amazing performance you can drive every day IMO.
  4. dbm

    Anyone considering cancelling?

    Supply chain is bonkers at the moment. A friend of mine works for a truck manufacturer in the UK. They can’t get the chips needed for ABS so they are building the trucks, putting a chip in temporarily then driving them to a lock up and taking the chip back out again to do the same thing with...
  5. dbm

    Faraday Product

    These boxes work brilliantly. Far better than pouches which often use Velcro and so don’t seal reliably, With this box I can put my keys in it, shut the box, and even putting the box right next to the car it won‘t unlock.
  6. dbm

    New Magna rear Diff.

    In so much as it can’t cut power from the front wheels
  7. dbm

    New Magna rear Diff.

    Here’s a link to Audi’s own info-vid: [link] And one to their press sheet: [Link] Audi have always been very vague in their description of how the Haldex implementation works on their cars, however there is no clutch mentioned which would be needed to send more than 50% of the engine power to...
  8. dbm

    RS3 vs A45s drag race Joe Achilles

    What I would really like to see is a head-to-head round a track; same driver, same day. That would tell us more about the cars’ relative capability.
  9. dbm

    RS3 vs competitors

    First of all, competition is good - that’s how we get progress. There are some truely amazing cars on sale and this is probably the peak for ICE vehicles given the pressures to move away from fossil fuels in cars. I was an Audi driver for about 20 years, and really loved my RS3 but it was...
  10. dbm

    RS3 launch ‘trailer’

    I don’t think that’s about early adoption, unless you are saying you would have held on for an RS3 instead of an S3. It’s about model differentiation in my opinion, same as how the torque vectoring system isn’t even an optional extra with the S3.
  11. dbm

    RS3 launch ‘trailer’

    You don‘t want the other guy to be able to say ‘it was a bright green Audi, officer’ - a bit too easy to narrow things down!
  12. dbm

    RS3 launch ‘trailer’

    Official launch trailer for the RS3… Link to Audi Media I’d say that look is strong… and probably a bit Marmite…
  13. dbm

    First look at RS3 in detail…

    I would agree that the 5-Cylinder engine is probably the nicest sounding car you can buy for less than 70k, no four pot comes close in that regard. The most interesting thing to me is that they haven't turned the wick up to beat the A45S in power terms - surely the 5-cylinder can reliably do...
  14. dbm

    First look at RS3 in detail…

    Another from the same event…
  15. dbm

    First look at RS3 in detail…

    Driving preview…
  16. dbm

    New RS3 soon to be unveiled

    Watch the video this shot comes from here…
  17. dbm

    New S3 vs 8P RS3

    2-1 to the RS3
  18. dbm

    New S3 vs 8P RS3

    My understanding is that Audi tend to benchmark the next gen S against the previous RS, so I would expect good things from the latest S3. But this is two generations of gap, so actually that is very impressive for the 8P RS3.
  19. dbm

    Pipe and Nomex slippers...

    Been a journey and no mistake. Forgive the rubbish quality, early digital cameras were poor... My first Audi, an S3 bought stock but eventually I spent about £5k on extensive mods... Next came my 3.2Q, a bit more ‘grown up‘ But I got over it and bought a TTS; I never planned to buy an RS3...
  20. dbm

    Pipe and Nomex slippers...

    After being an Audi driver for about 21 years, it was time for my current steed to go to pastures new: I am officially an old man because I’ve bought a Mercedes... I have to say that I think both Audi and VW have gone too far with their touch screen obsessions, so considering all the...