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    2009 Audi A3 2.0TDi CR170 Fault

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can shed some light on this fault. Driving to work this morning, stopped for a coffee, when restarted the engine there was a new sound, a rattling/vibration coming from the engine bay, gets considerably worse when trying to steer left. The engine will not rev above...
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    Cruise Control Retrofit Guide

    Is there a definitive coding guide to follow? I have 2009 CR170, parts fitted. Thanks Lee
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    2.0 Tdi 170.. 2010/common Rail Fuel Filter Change!

    I was told turnung key was enough however I read on here that could potentially cause damage to pump on CR engines
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    Diy Service

    Hmm.. never heard of this before. Why would you lube rubber bushes? Why would you grease sealed rubber boots? Be interested to read if you find info. Cheers Lee
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    Diy Service

    Washer fluid always topped up, coolant good as cambelt and water pumps done last month. No fault codes, brake discs and pads new, brake fluid replaced. So suspension lubrication? Dont understand.. Gearbox fluid nope, not Quattro, thought sealed box? Is there a audi inspection service checklist...
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    Diy Service

    Haha!! Yeh mate, done spark plugs..
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    Diy Service

    Today I serviced by 2009 Audi A3 2.0 TDi CR170.. on 93k now and still intend on keeping for another 3 years or so.. I did oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter (fuel filter done at 75k). Is there anything I missed? I then reset SRI using VCDS, my first ever time of using it, quite...
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    How many miles on your A3 2.0 TDI

    Did you buy it brand new?
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    How many miles on your A3 2.0 TDI

    2009 2.0TDi CR170, 89k, 45-50mpg
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    Timing belt & water pump price

    Mine is being done today 2009 A3 2.0TDi, £435 inc VAT, thats for cambelt kit and waterpump, also having other work done at same time, failed aux water pump and clearing fault codes for extra but managed to haggle a good price since car will be in pieces to do cambelt. £555 was my quoted price...
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    Timing belt, water pump and auxiliary water pump in/near London

    Hi all, So moved to London a few weeks back, first thing the aux. pump failed on my 2009 A3 2.0 TDi CR170, I got a free diagnostic check after an orange dash light came on but not using the car at moment so hasn't been changed yet and also need cambelt doing. Not knowing any garages up here...
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    Specialist - Surrey - Emission Light - 2.0TDi

    Hi Moved to London last week, on the drive up the engine emission light came on. 2009 Audi A3 2.0 Tdi CR170. Can anyone recommend a specialist? I'm all new and dont know anywhere. Thanks Lee
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    FBMFSW. Buttons that don't have a function?

    Hi all, Just bought my fiancée a new car, its a 2010 Audi TT 2.0TFSi Coupe. Has flat bottom multi function steering wheel.. the volume and radio up/down buttons work fine but why would it have menu button and voice control if the car doesn't appear to have these features? or Bluetooth.. Any...
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    Didnt give work mate a lift in the rain today because last time he couple times when he closed door I thought glass was going to pop out!!
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    VCDS in cornwall?

    Kit bought today. :)
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    Lowering S-Line

    Has anyone here lowered an S-line by just a spring kit using the standard shocks? I'm looking at H&R springs but not sure whether to go for Sport or Super Sport kit? 35mm or 50mm? Assuming approximate drop based upon non S-line car? Thanks Lee
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    VCDS in cornwall?

    Would be massive help.. :) and can let Mrs go shopping at Drake Circus.. Thank you, will be in touch after I've fitted the kit if that's ok? Lee
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    VCDS in cornwall?

    I'm in Cornwall and I'd like to find someone to enable my cruise control. Thanks
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    S3 Chain Timing issues...anyone got any experience

    Sorry, I didn't use postcode but you said Plymouth. I live in St Ives and Plymouth is 75 miles. The place in St Agnes I'd recommend, they look after my Audi and are specialists in VAG and general turbo cars also. Don't know any where north of the border though..
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    S3 Chain Timing issues...anyone got any experience

    RK Engineering in St Agnes, Cornwall Or AVS in Pool nr. Redruth, Cornwall