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  1. auroan

    OBD Eleven - Personalization of Lane Departure App

    Any chance it tells you what modules and long coding is being changed ? Would be handy for those of us with VCDS.
  2. auroan

    Lane Assist

    If it can be done in ODB11, there must be a coding for it that could be used for VCDS. Anyone go both VCDS and ODB11 that might share what the codes and which modules to update are ?
  3. auroan

    Is towing legal?

    I have one on my B9 S4 Avant (factory fit). Tow my E30 3 Series Race car around when I can't be ***** with getting the Van out...... 8mpg though when towing.
  4. auroan

    Lease pricing static?

    Vat registration. Business rates are just prices without VAT.
  5. auroan

    Manual Quattro

    Me too :cool:
  6. auroan

    New A3 Do And Don'ts

    GAP insurance is dependent on how you buy the car and what GAP policy you buy (not all policies are the same)
  7. auroan

    Soo I Test Drove An A45amg

    From any direction but the front, the A class looks like a fat Kia Procee'd
  8. auroan

    Soo I Test Drove An A45amg

    Erm.... Audi's halo model for the A3 range is the RS3 (they will have a 8V soon) Merc's A class halo model is the A45AMG ... So why are we comparing the S3 driving dynamics to the A45AMG, when it should be RS3 (when it arrives) ?
  9. auroan

    S3 Turbo issues reported

    According to this link MY15 A3s started build as early as April (contra to what stealers have been telling people) Audi Cars: Build Out and Start-Up Dates Although it's says it's for US cars, Only Chinese A3s are not build in Germany.
  10. auroan

    S3 Turbo issues reported

    I'll have a gander at lunch if I can. Mine's a MY15 car (BW25 - one of the first ones built I believe)
  11. auroan

    Year old S3 value!

    Your missing HDD satellite based navigation which is a £1500 option. So it's a bit more than £28.5K
  12. auroan

    EA288 TDI - Engine Geekery

    Turbo is right on the end of the package. (left hand side) So it's not "in" the intercooler per say.
  13. auroan

    Black Forest Industries | Project UA30

    S3 has a very different engine mate. Not just the turbo. Got a different head with dual injection (FSI and traditional port based), exhaust manifold integrated within the cylinder head and a different block.
  14. auroan

    audi a3 1.6tdi s tronic gearbox remap ( already tuned)

    Your forgetting the free insurance, free maintainence, free tyres etc. It's not £50/month difference. It's more like £300 a month difference.
  15. auroan

    audi a3 1.6tdi s tronic gearbox remap ( already tuned)

    I get where your coming from Gaz. But on the flip side, why do I have to contribute to the scheme where someone can drive away a £25K car when a £6K Dacia sandero would do exactly the same job. And back to the topic of this thread, why should tuning be allowed, especially when said tuning...
  16. auroan

    audi a3 1.6tdi s tronic gearbox remap ( already tuned)

    <controversial question> Is it me or are other tax payers on this thread a bit peeved that someone is in a position to talk about tuning a mobility vehicle which is funded out of the tax payer's purse ? </controversial question>
  17. auroan

    audi a3 1.6tdi s tronic gearbox remap ( already tuned)

    There is no alternative. Unless you want to pay for a new DSG box when the clutches go pop.
  18. auroan

    Build week to delivery

    Build week 24. Two weeks later I picked it up from the dealers.
  19. auroan

    BW 21,22,23,24

    Picked mine up on monday morning. No regrets switching from the A6 avant to the S3 !!! Although I am struggling with the throttle sensitivity... even on eco mode. I haven't quite mastered slow speed running, (bit jerky, almost like it's hesitating)
  20. auroan

    BW 21,22,23,24

    Yup, been before a few years ago when I had my 2.0Tq A4 avant. Spent a day there (factory tour, forum and a meal in the Michelin star restaurant in the evening)