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  1. Taroni

    Gearbox change

    that should make it easier then , I would do it in about 7hrs on my own so with 2 of you doing it you should get it done in a day easy
  2. Taroni

    Gearbox change

    easy job if you have done a clutch change before if this is your 1st time allow 2 days and make sure you got axle stands and jacks and all the tools you need before you start mate , don't forget gearbox oil
  3. Taroni

    A3 3.2 2005 - loss of tickover

    What fault codes did the garage say there was mate ?
  4. Taroni

    Remapping and Rolling Road Shoot-Out Day @ AMD Essex

    1. Alex_Wil 2. Rajazed 3. Charlie23 4. RedDejavu 5. Grchmason 6. Forbzeeee 7. S3Alex 8. Cyhliu 9. Omblad0n 10. DJ_26 (+2) 11. tdi-man 12. Batch 13. KentKid 14. Taroni
  5. Taroni

    3.2 top mount replacement

    no mate you need to take the strut out to change the top mount ,and that's only the bearing part in the photo make sure you change the other half of that
  6. Taroni

    LUK DMF For a DSG from Euro car parts

    if you got a local euro car parts store near you go in there and hagal with them , I use euro for a ll my trade parts and they got room for movement on that price
  7. Taroni

    9j wheels with 225 tyres on audi a3 s line standard suspension set up

    Mines lowered on coilovers so at standard setup you should be fine mate no rubbing
  8. Taroni

    9j wheels with 225 tyres on audi a3 s line standard suspension set up

    ive got 18 x 8.5j with et42 with 225 and they stick out a little
  9. Taroni

    3.2 on 35mm h&r springs

    I have Jom coilovers on mine and had no trouble with them being to low
  10. Taroni

    3.2 v6 Exhaust sound advise please

    Have you made the exhaust flap permently open on the tail pipes ? that helps a little . Im going to remove the front silencers straight after the cats at some point soon
  11. Taroni

    big vibrations

    Right I managed to get the wheel bearing done today and made a little difference but the vibration is still there so not good . Im thinking maybe gearbox mount now as the drive shaft was only replaced about 18months ago and I had a look and feel of it today and it seems all fine
  12. Taroni

    big vibrations

    mine doesn't only when going right
  13. Taroni

    big vibrations

    I will order a wheel bearing in tomorrow and try get it done between the services and brakes I got booked in and will update
  14. Taroni

    big vibrations

    I was going try changing my driveshaft
  15. Taroni

    big vibrations

    What have you tried mate?
  16. Taroni

    Does my A3 Need Lowering?

    yes unless you like the 4x4 look , what size tyres did you go for then ?
  17. Taroni

    big vibrations

  18. Taroni

    big vibrations

    right ive got a 04 3.2 dsg Quattro 59kgot it April , always had this problem but has got worse over time when turning right even just the slightest amount it starts to vibrate on what seems like the (passenger) left hand side wheel ,the more you turn right the worse it gets . straight line or...
  19. Taroni

    Transfer Box Tool

    have you tried ebay mate or do a google search
  20. Taroni

    Audi A3 Split Grill

    sweet might have to give that ago as looks good , you get yours from ebay?