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  1. vatdim

    So Irritating!

    I had that happen today on my S3 as well. It was the first time for this issue, but not for the one where it keeps loading forever, until you actually restart the car.
  2. vatdim

    Easily damaged paint?

    By now it is pretty much universal knowledge that modern cars need PPF, at least in the front, if there is any hope to conserve the original paint for a time. Unfortunately, it is what it is. I took the low cost option (Turbo Blue) and I've been happy with it, but I also see some small issues...
  3. vatdim

    How can I remove this mark on plastic above air vent?

    If you can't get it off by using a wet microfiber towel, the plastic may have faded a bit there, especially if someone wiped too hard at it.
  4. vatdim

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    One last snow run before the summer rubber goes back on...
  5. vatdim

    What have you NOT done to your 8Y?

    +1 on not having used the auto-park function. I'm planning to eventually try that, somewhere "safe" first, but my main reason for getting the option were the front parking sensors which I use all the time. I've never launched the car, but I plan to do that after 5000 kms on the clock and once...
  6. vatdim

    Looking to buy...

    UK packages seem a bit confusing to me, since I was able to pick options individually. Still, I did not pick the sunroof and the carbon on purpose, and I haven't really missed those, to be honest. I did pick the S3 adaptive suspension, however, and it really makes you feel like you have two cars...
  7. vatdim

    A3 alloy wheel repair/replace

    I've curbed 3 out 4 wheels in less than 6 months of driving this car. The first one was a really nasty hit, I even got a small cut in my tire. The other two cases are typical parallel parking scenarios. I know my parking skills are far from perfect and my city has some pretty terrible and uneven...
  8. vatdim

    8Y Facelift S3

    IMO this facelifted version is going to be a great choice for everyone who likes to drive a bit more aggressively from time to time and / or doesn't mind waiting a few months or paying a bit of a premium on top for having the newest and greatest. If you are looking for a competent all-rounder...
  9. vatdim

    Driving in the snow

    On packed or light snow my S3 seems pretty sure-footed. On ice, systems kick in early enough to prevent most of the slippage. Overall seems decent with proper winter tires like my Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 3. Still haven't had the chance to get a feel for it in deeper snow, where I'm...
  10. vatdim

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    It's been frosty!
  11. vatdim

    Does a brand new S3 use more fuel til it’s run in

    I'm now at around 2600 kms on the clock. While the average fuel consumption continues to be a hair over 10 liters per 100 kms (28 UK MPG), I've noticed the urban consumption varies rather widely. In the mornings, when there is less traffic on my commute, I usually clock around 13 liters per 100...
  12. vatdim

    A3 Front parking aid issue

    I've had this message a few mornings when starting my commute, and especially if the weather is drizzly, or foggy. I think it usually throws the error for pre-sense and the automatic matrix headlights not functioning at the same time.
  13. vatdim

    Does the S3 exhaust start popping when it’s got a few k miles on?

    My exhaust has been popping quite a bit, as long as I keep the car in S, or the revs above 3k. It has improved over the last two thousand kilometers for sure.
  14. vatdim

    Door seals rattling at cold weather

    Yes, I had to do that almost every time for the first week. Passengers still need to slam a bit harder, but it's improved a lot already. I'm pretty sure it's just the seals getting "run in" at this stage.
  15. vatdim

    Door seals rattling at cold weather

    Haven't had near freezing temperatures yet, but I picked up my '23 S3 about a month ago and I immediately noticed the door seals are a bit hard. It definitely takes some time getting used to closing all the doors, for example. I'm planning to massage the seals with plenty of silicone lube and...
  16. vatdim

    Fun facts/Helpful tips/tricks - Audi A3 8Y

    You don't need to manually place the car in park and put the parking brake on every time you are leaving the car. If you are stopped in Drive and want to check something outside quickly (e.g., your parking against the curb), you can simply open the driver door and the parking brake will...
  17. vatdim

    Does clutch disengage when footbrake on with s tronic?

    I've been warned by mechanically inclined friends to always turn off the auto start / stop system in my S3 first thing after getting into the car due to the possibility that the car might inadvertently switch off the engine at a time when it's sufficiently warmed up, and the oil might drain in...
  18. vatdim

    Does a brand new S3 use more fuel til it’s run in

    I've had my S3 for just over 3 weeks now, and done a tad over 1100 kms so far. About 300-400 of that is urban, short distances in D (Auto) up to about 2k RPMS, the rest is mostly longer road trips on B roads where I tend to push the car to about 3-4k RPMs in order to give it a good break-in. So...
  19. vatdim

    Pushed my bonnet down when closing it and it popped in and out where it’s soft metal

    It's exactly how mine feels. I try to give it a firm but gentle push down while there's still about 15 cms of a drop, so far worked alright.