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  1. DE1975

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    Very nice! What colour is that?
  2. DE1975

    Facelift S3 video

    Ascari Blue looks nice. Suits the car
  3. DE1975

    Face lift A3 2024

    I note that the stated 0-62 for the 35TFSI is now quoted as 8.1secs, whereas the pre-face-lift model was 8.6. Not a massive change in the scheme of things but surprised that it's different given there aren't any apparent drivetrain changes described for the face-lift. I wonder if the...
  4. DE1975

    Face lift A3 2024

    I read one review of the face-lift which said the Sonos system was exactly the same hardware as the B&O, and that it was merely a branding agreement change to have more appeal to younger buyers. If you look at the B&O systems that appear from time to time on ebay from cars being broken, they...
  5. DE1975

    Looking to buy...

    Just looked at the configurator, surprised to see they've cut back on colour options across the range. No Turbo Blue or Tango Red available anymore. If you don't want black/white/grey or Navarra Blue then Python yellow is the only vibrant colour option available. I think it's a nice colour up...
  6. DE1975

    2023 Audi A3 diagram mild hybrid

    I found this which details most of the components and systems on the car. Electrical systems are covered from page 80. It may be of some use. I've downloaded a copy for myself as it's pretty useful to have if anything ever goes wrong.
  7. DE1975

    Navigation Database Unavailable

    Just to update on this. I was able to install the map update which I downloaded from the My Audi website. It was a 32GB zip file. Unzipped the files and copied onto a USB stick. Plugged into the USB port and when starting the car I got a message on the MMI about software update medium detected...
  8. DE1975

    Navigation Database Unavailable

    I've had this "Navigation database unavailable" fault for the past week. It doesn't seem to be resolving itself, and rebooting the MMI hasn't fixed it either. It's like the Nav database doesn't exist anymore. Phoned up my dealer to book it in for the software update which I hope will resolve...
  9. DE1975

    A3 Limo 2022 Tire Pressure Monitoring - Changing to Winter Tires

    I could be wrong but I don't think there are actually any tyre pressure sensors fitted. I think the tyre pressure warning is just worked out by an algorithm using input from ABS sensors which compares some input measurements to a standard figure and gives a a warning when there's a deviation...
  10. DE1975

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    I believe Sport and S-Line come with round steering wheel as standard, Black Edition and Vorsprung are Flat bottomed (but can spec round as no cost option). I've driven both and I prefer the look of the flat bottom wheel, but in practical day to day use I actually prefer using the round
  11. DE1975

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    One of the downsides of the PHEV is it's equipped with a smaller fuel tank of 40L, compared with 50L in my 35 TFSI. I guess smaller size is needed for packaging of batteries and motor etc. I've had nearly 500 miles out of a tank on a long trip up to Scotland which I thought was pretty good. I'd...
  12. DE1975

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Saw this article this morning about cars being delayed at Emden, awaiting shipping. Cars stuck at Emden
  13. DE1975

    Matrix LED Animation Not Working

    It's these kind of gems of information that car forums are all about :tearsofjoy:
  14. DE1975

    A3 slowing on its own

    I don't get my brake lights coming on under the regen slowing down. Maybe it's only on recent cars or the PHEV TFSIe cars only. Mines a MY21 35 TFSI MHEV
  15. DE1975

    35TFSI with Bridgestone Turanza tyres

    Pirelli P7 Cinturatos here too. I think the car is just poor with regard to transmitting tyre noise to the cabin. I often think the tyre noise is bad.
  16. DE1975

    3620 Software issues

    3454 is the version mine came with in March 2021. It's not been updated yet and I've had the SOS malfunction and the Nav resetting. It sounds like 3620 is the updated version with issues resolved.
  17. DE1975

    B&O Suboofer Issue.

    I also found the door cards rattle when the volume is high-ish. I've now set bass to 0 and the sub to +5 so more of the bass is handled by the sub instead of the door speakers which does improve the ratlting.
  18. DE1975

    B&O Suboofer Issue.

    They probably do. There's no mid range speakers in the rear, just bass and treble, so I would suspect that they receive a wider frequency range from the amp than the fronts.
  19. DE1975

    B&O Suboofer Issue.

    I think this is pretty normal. The speakers in the car are a mix of bass (woofers), mid range and tweeter speakers which each handle different frequency ranges. The bigger bass door speakers will handle the lower frequencies and the higher frequencies (including vocals) will predominantly be...