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    18" alloy to 19" alloy... Uprate tyre size question

    225/35R19 is a bit safer, and remove screws to avoid rubbing with load and so on.
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    Wheels and weights

    Sounds heavy, my audi speedlines 19x8,5" are 15,4kg
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    Tyre suggestions 225/35/19

    Diffrent in a good way? :)
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    Tyre suggestions 225/35/19

    Now I am into Dunlop SportMaxx RT 225/35 R 19 88Y XL Any one have those on a A3/S3 sportback? /M
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    Tyre suggestions 225/35/19

    Thanks for input, well almost all tires are 88 and Y so I stick to that./M
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    Tyre suggestions 225/35/19

    Or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymetric 2 225/35-19 /M
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    Tyre suggestions 225/35/19

    Hi all, have found a set of Audi Speedlines 8,5x19 ET48 for my Audi S3 Sportback 2010. And want suggestions for a quiet tyre with good grip in 225/35-19". Maybe Hankook S1 evo2? Dunlop sportmaxx series? /Martin
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    Daytona Grey A3

    I have a S3 Sportback Daytona grey and black optics Garaget | Audi S3 Sportback (2010) /M
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    Eibach Pro front only springs on S3 - anyone?

    Looking nice, thinking of the same kit. Do you have a picture straight from the side? mutch easier to see the gaps and so. /M
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    RNS-E Speed Cameras!!!

    Anyone tried it get? looks ready .. and 2012 maps are out :)
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    S3 Wheels offset

    Mine 2010 S3 has 7,5Jx18" ET56 oem and of you put on 9J ET52 they will extend a 23mm extra ... so no spacer... maybe to far out. /M
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    RS3 fender wings ...

    Rims with lower ET come closer to the fender edge, so its there to catch water and dirt I guess.
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    RS3 fender wings ...

    Anyone tried this on a A3/S3 VW 5K0807833 and 5K0807834 its from a Golf R, the RS3 got it but what I found its integrated with innerfender. /Martin
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    Spacer help

    Any one tried cheeper spacers like WHEEL SPACER 10mm VW AUDI SEAT SKODA PCD 4x100 4x108 5x100 5x112 Hub 57,1 | eBay ?
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    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    Hi guys I got 18x7.5 ET54 on today, a lot of aftermarket rims got 19x8.5 ET45 is that a perfecy fit with 225/35 on a S3 2010 SB?
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    Just given my car the MTM treatment

    Found on the homepage :) 699 good price in sweden it´s mutch more for MTM.
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    Just given my car the MTM treatment

    How mutch is a MTM remap going for? /M
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    2.0T cam follower replacement and look how bad this is!!

    Hope all the metal missing is in the bottom magnetic plug ...
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    Ordered Some Non-LED Super White Bulbs For A3/S3 2010+ Number Plate Lights

    Dont forget that those bulbs are 10w Höen and others are 5w .... at least I wont 5w so it dont get to strong and take over :) /M