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    When is the next Meet in Scotland?

    The weekend of September 18th is a no-go for me as I will be on track at Castle Combe.
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    When is the next Meet in Scotland?

    No problem 28v6 - we just need a meet organised! What was the Audi Ecosse club like you have in your profile? Did you organise any track days or private airfield days up here?
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    When is the next Meet in Scotland?

    It is all a bit quiet - has everyone sold their Audis? Could do with a run and/or a RR session?
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    Speedo Probs

    It is probably the white plastic that has come away and fouling on the needle - very common problem. HTH PS - has lots of info on this
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    Scotland Meet Anyone?

    Is anyone else on here going along to the tyresmoke run up over Glenshee next Saturday? I'll be going along.
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    Overboost problem

    Boost leak - check for lots of threads on how to test and fix.
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    Audi RS4? steering wheel help!!!

    I have one of these style wheels for sale - it came off a 2000 A4 quattro sport. It just has the sport badge but you can buy replacement badges for them from vagparts etc. I have the airbag to go with it as well. Interested? I was going to fit it to my S2 but got hold of a proper RS2 wheel -...
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    S2 Avant front driveshafts

    I am sure there is a trick to this where you do not hit it with a hammer but use the bolt to push it off - look on - I read it somewhere in there. HTH
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    Scotland Meet Anyone?

    Sorry - I can't make this. We should have more of these evening meets - once a month or something? My car will be running this week - about time!
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    Scotland Meet Anyone?

    No - I get rods and pistons next week - so by the time it is all balanced, I should be building the engine, putting it back in, late May - Trying to organise an airfield for a mapping weekend on the first weekend of June.
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    A2 Is it any good

    I don't have an A2 but have driven one - I never got used to the front pillars - very annoying. I did have a 1.4tdi polo - same angine as the A2 - and I got a custom remap - it was putting out 95bhp and 220Nm as standard and 136bhp and 280Nm have the custom remap. It made a huge difference -...
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    Scotland Meet Anyone?

    Are the places limited in the paddock? I'm coming in a mates TT engined golf and another mate is coming in polo gti - is it alright for those to say they are with the, TS group? We'll be there around 12ish.
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    Scotland Meet Anyone?

    My car will not make it this weekend - due to the rods and pistons sitting on my workbench. I will be there though.
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    Scotland Meet Anyone?

    The tyresmoke guys are going upto knockhill on the 15th Feb - there is a hot hatch day so we can have a laugh at the neds on track. I'm going along anyway - so might see some of you from here?
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    Scotland Meet Anyone?

    I'm up for either run but it will have to be at the end of February for me to make it. My car won't be remapped till either the 1st or 3rd weekend in Feb - I don't fancy doing it with my low boost maps. What is the southern/glasgow run?
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    RS2 door mirrors

    Have you tried - I got the complete kit of parts for both for £280 ish. You could grind the hex off after you have fitted them? Bit drastic but it will stop them disappearing. How often have you had to remove them anyway? And if you did have to, you could just grind the whole...
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    Hi from Istanbul-Turkey

    Ian - what intake pipe? The one bolted along the side of the block? If so, I think it is made from mild steel so it might rust. I sprayed mine chrome - Don't know if that will reflect heat more but at least it looks better. Not seen many black S2 coupes - got any more pics - and of your pipe?
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    Crail Raceway 9th November

    How did you get on David? Did you beat your previous best?
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    Turbo boost pressure?

    [ QUOTE ] Ess_Three said: But at these boost pressures using a standard turbo the inlet air temperature after the intercoolers, goes through the roof! The standard ICs can't cope...beware! [/ QUOTE ] Glen - why don't you fit one of these: Autospeed Intercooler Spray Kit I have one on order...
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    Happy birthday Dr Dave!

    [ QUOTE ] RS4 Barry said: Anyway so what if we enjoy a few beers and it gives us a bit of a belly at least we can drink Dr Dave and the Dynamic Doug under the table!!! [/ QUOTE ] Is this a challenge Barry? Name the time and place Happy Birthday David When is the next meet anyway?