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  1. Mike X

    Audi A3 S-Line 3.2 Quatro - Noise

    Tyres really can throw up some odd noises , I had a couple of budget jobs on the front of my 3.2 and they used to howl . Could the smoke be from a new part fitted , exhaust etc ?
  2. Mike X

    Picked up my S3 , question on seats ...

    I have a 3 door sport , the seats should go back to where they were set , you just have to lift the top handle as you slide them back . Dealer got my colour wrong too , told me it was dolphin grey when she was actually lava grey , I even went out and bought a touch up ready ......doh !
  3. Mike X

    A3 sline splitter

    Looks like a Cupra R splitter ?
  4. Mike X

    Strange high pitched sound when moving...

    Stone lodged in a brake caliper ?
  5. Mike X

    Guide.... How to fit a rear spolier ....

    Nice on :thumbs up:
  6. Mike X

    Audi Breakers or Ebay?

    Breakers will sometimes sell bits cheaper if you go direct , cuts out E-bay / paypal fees etc .
  7. Mike X

    Haw to fit this spoiler lads?

    Stuck mine on with Sikaflex , not budged so far . I filled some screen wash bottles with water and used them as weights on top of a cloth , then left them overnight .
  8. Mike X

    Sline rear spoiler ...

    I got my spoiler from Stoke Audi , approx £250.00 , love it . They did me a bit of discount for being a member of this forum .
  9. Mike X

    Check Engine Light on 2007 S3

    My last car used to throw up the CEL , it was usually an O2 censor and would go off after 3 cycles (hot to cold x3 ) Fingers crossed for you :encouragement:
  10. Mike X

    Looking at buying 2005 3.2 quattro 3door

    The brakes are really sensitive too , nearly stuffed the salesman through the dash first time I braked . Awesome cars though , I love mine , they sound sooooooo nice .
  11. Mike X


    Thanks Robbie .
  12. Mike X


    Hi Guys , Wanting to treat myself to a Autobrite snow foam lance for my Karcher and some magi foam . Anyone know of any valid discount codes available . Cheers . Mike .
  13. Mike X

    Keyfob range

    :think:I can vouch for the Top Gear fob to head thing , it really works , the body acts as a large arial
  14. Mike X

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    A bit of night beading .
  15. Mike X

    *****STOLEN A3 YORKSHIRE*******

    Post on Facebook too ?
  16. Mike X

    Someone help! Strange marks all over wheels on my a3

    Got this kind of finish on a set of wheels too , they had alloy worm when I got them , corrosion under the laquer , I used paint stripper to remove the clear coat then carefully polished the damaged alloy back to its former glory . I used wet and dry , various grades , and Solvol Autosol ...
  17. Mike X

    who played in the snow

    Not a bit here , just icy , can't wait to go and play if we actually get any .
  18. Mike X

    Missing washer fluid .

    That's true leshkin , I had the premix stuff in so I think it should have been ok . It must be leaking somewhere because it's still disappearing . When I fill it up it doesn't empty quickly but most of it is missing after a week or so . I have been reading up on it , I might be able to gain...
  19. Mike X

    Help needed

    Air box ?