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    Nope. Hybrid has been discontinued. Q6 will be released shortly after A6
  2. abmat


    Has anyone ordered one? Thinking of going for a 45 TFSI with tech pro pack. Current car has just had its first service and over the last few months the dealer have been pressing quite hard to get me to change. I don’t want to buy a stock car which is what they want. Car has to be right, not a...
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    Noob map update question..

    Are you sure? I’m sure mine said it was updating Europe maps last week.
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    The usage that you describe is exactly what I want one for. The better half rarely drives more than 15 miles from home, so in theory the majority of her driving could be done on battery. my neighbours VW Tiguan is returning 90mpg when on journeys using the built in nav. This maximises and...
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    So in reality no better than a 40tdi. And when you factor in petrol is the same price as diesel round by me the greater outlay doesn’t make it cost effective. residuals do seem good on them though.
  6. abmat

    Black edition trim

    Any black edition owners noticed the anodising wearing off the metal trim. This isn’t from washing but just the flow of air over it. I’ve got it in various places all down the sides of the car. Not too impressed for a 18 month old car. Tried to take a pic as best I could. it’s the silver line...
  7. abmat

    New fault- SOS

    I meant to update yesterday. Yes mine went away yesterday after a week. The function worked fine even though it showed a fault. Reading the A3 forum, if it latches and starts messing with other functionality then it could be a dash out job to fix.
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    A3 3.2 8p1 - Sport Cats, Downpipes and flexis

    I don’t think my subframe came off. I can’t remember. If it does iirc specialist tools are needed to align it. I had new top mounts and lowering springs done at the same time so it may have been done. The danger is the bolts snapping when separating the downpipes from the manifold. If that...
  9. abmat

    New fault- SOS

    Anyone had this before?
  10. abmat

    Clean reversing camera

    When in reverse there is an option on the display to clean the camera.
  11. abmat

    A3 3.2 8p1 - Sport Cats, Downpipes and flexis

    Just bolt on and away you go. No Mil light. That’s not saying you won’t have one. The danger is the removal of the old pipes. If they come off nicely all is good. If bolts start snapping that’s a totally different ball game.
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    Anyone got one? what are the real world figures compared to the publicised ones? If you had to swap, would you have one over a normal petrol? Getting rid of the 40tdi and I’m not too keen on the offerings from Merc or BMW.
  13. abmat

    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    Hope you get better soon. But looking good, you’re getting there bit by bit.
  14. abmat

    My Audi App

    Or from google maps go to share it and select the my Audi icon.
  15. abmat

    My Audi App

    Checked mine after seeing this thread. was rings then app updated. Now back to vehicle.
  16. abmat

    My Audi App

    how is the app configured? Is it set to background refresh? I’ve never had this issue on my A6, so if it was a server issue I’d have expected to.
  17. abmat

    RS3 8Y Picture Gallery Thread

    I’d hazard a guess that isn’t his car as it’s on European plates.
  18. abmat

    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    White is the best colour. Wish I’d been patient and got white.
  19. abmat

    No max aircon

    My max a/c is to the left of recirculate. It’s only just started doing this. Every so often disappears then comes back. Frustrating if you get into a very hot car. what MY is your car, as I’ve never configured the buttons. This is how it came.