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    Recall after Recall on trailing arm lock nuts

    The first recall knocked my wheel alignment out, the second recall put it right and they replaced the rear tyres that were wearing round the edges.
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    Q5 Tyre Wear off one one side of car

    It will cost Audi a fortune, mine had the alignment checked twice, that would cost a fair bit if you had to pay yourself and 2 new tyres at £160 each
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    Q5 Tyre Wear off one one side of car

    Mine was back in yesterday, they replaced the back 2 tyres, said the fronts were fine and they realigned the car again. I was given paperwork saying work done as a result of the recall.
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    RSQ3 Service costs

    I had asked that my Q5 was set to variable servicing but the dealer set it to fixed. When I asked about this (at 2 different dealers) I was told that I can reset the oil change interval once met at 9,000 miles. I did that last week and both oil change and service is now at 19,000 miles. No need...
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    Q5 Tyre Wear off one one side of car

    Recall update: Ive just got the car back from the Local dealer, the alignment was out due to the previous recall. As the rear tyres have excessive wear because of this Audi UK have authorised a full set of new tyres is fitted to the car. It’s booked in to have this done in two weeks and once...
  6. MPTT

    Q5 Tyre Wear off one one side of car

    Turns out there is a recall for my car as the previous recall to fix the rear axel has put it out of alignment so I need to book it in for for a check. Apparently if it is found to be out of alignment Audi will replace the tyres if they show excessive wear. I’ll believe that when it happens!
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    Q5 Tyre Wear off one one side of car

    Cheers, I’ll get it booked in!
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    Q5 Tyre Wear off one one side of car

    I’ve noticed that both my rears are wearing around the outside, much more than the front tyres. The cars done 8,000 miles and the outside of the rear tyres is on 3mm of tread left, the centre of the tyres has 5mm. The fronts are hardly worn. Is this normal?
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    Excessive Oil consumption?

    I did about 30,000 miles in my A6 (40 tdi) and didn’t put any oil in, I swapped it for a new Q5 with the same engine, 6 months ago, in the first 5,000 miles I’ve had to drop 2l of oil in it. I thought it had a fault or a leak at first but it just seems to burn a bit more oil than my previous car.
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    Oil level

    My Q5 2.0 tdi wanted a litre of oil putting in it at about 3000 miles.
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    Please vote help me choose

    Hope you enjoy it and don’t have any bother with it! looks like you live near where my Aunty lived, she lived near the Jolly Bowman but it’s about 15 years since I was last in there.
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    Q5 Q5 MPG

    I managed nearly 700 miles to the last tank but it was all motorway miles, over 50 mpg. Around town is around 30 mpg though.
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    Wrong location

    Got in the car today and it was fine again. Showing the correct location. I don’t know if its a dodgy sat nav reciever or a software issue. I’ll see if it does it again.
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    Wrong location

    I’ve got a 3 month old Q5, yesterday while driving home from Birmingham up the M6 the satnav suddenly put me in Hereford, over 100 miles away, it gradually got further away the further I drove up north. I started the car this morning and it’s fine, back to showing the correct location. Anyone...
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    No internet connection, key user locked ......

    My 21 Q5 has this issue also, I’m waiting for Audi to ring me to get it booked in to be fixed, apparently it’s a connect issue with the car.
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    Q5 Q5 2013 Onwards Roof Rail Query

    are the measurements not the same, the Thule kit is the same for a Q5 and A4 Avant:
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    Just ordered

    My air con packed up a couple of months short of the car being 2 years old. I took it to the dealer who pressure tested it and told me the system was fine, it just needed re-gassing, which they did for £149 and it worked fine after that. I’ve never had to re-gas a car before let alone one less...
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    B&O Query

    I didn’t think the standard system was that bad, I’ve got B&O in my new Q5 and to be honest I dont think it’s much better than the system in my previous A6.
  19. MPTT

    Just ordered

    I always use the free 5 day insurance, it saves you changing yours and getting the cover note to the dealer to get the car taxed. It gives a bit of flexibility if the handover is delayed by a day or two. It’s a 5 minute phone call to sort.
  20. MPTT

    Updating maps

    My car updates itself every now and again, it downloads the update then installs it. The ignition needs to be on for it to complete the update. are you signed in to MyAudi?