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  1. +Daz+

    Rear callipers.

    Thanks I got some red rears which will part match my big brake kit on the front.
  2. +Daz+

    Wanted Rubber Floor Mats (front) for 8V A3/S3 RHD

    Ok no worries. I should use them really but just don’t like the look of them.
  3. +Daz+

    Rear callipers.

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me if the rear callipers on my Audi S3 PFL are the same as the FL S3 rear callipers. I have a set of 2018 rears that I want to fit to my car. TIA
  4. +Daz+

    Wanted Rubber Floor Mats (front) for 8V A3/S3 RHD

    I have an unused set not in packaging. Where I you. I have no idea on price so make an offer. Comes with the rears as well.
  5. +Daz+

    Wanted Audi S3 8v Power Folding Mirrors.

    Hi all. After a complete set of Power Folding mirrors for my Audi S3 8v Sportback 2015 if anyone is thinking of selling. Thanks.
  6. +Daz+

    Sold Audi TT 8S Mk3 Powerfold Mirrors & Roadster SmartTOP

    Are the mirrors the same as an S3 or are they a different size on the TT?
  7. +Daz+

    Wanted Wanted.

    Wanted Audi S3 8v Sportback lower mesh grill passenger side. Must be In excellent condition.TIA
  8. +Daz+

    Wanted Dtuk pedal box.

    Hi I have emailed Dtuk to see if it will fit. I will phone in the morning to ask as well.Please can I have first refusal until I find out whether it fits or not.
  9. +Daz+

    Wanted Dtuk pedal box.

    Hi all I’m after a Dtuk pedal box for my Audi S3 8v 2015 pfl if anyone is selling one.
  10. +Daz+

    Sold TMC Motorsport GP1 Pedal Box - FL A3 S3 8V

    If the answer is yes to both questions then I will definitely have it.I work from 8.30 till 5.00 and can’t have my mobile with me but will pay as soon as I can. Regards Darren.
  11. +Daz+

    Propshaft damper.

    Just been told my Propshaft damper needs replacing.Cost is an eye watering £500+ including fitting as it is the complete unit.Anybody know of cheaper ones or uprated ones?
  12. +Daz+

    Remap help

    DH Automotive in Falkirk.Dave and the team are brilliant can’t recommend them highly enough.Did MRC Stage 1 on my manual S3 in August.Turned it into a monster.
  13. +Daz+

    New Tyes.

    Hi All Needing two new rear tyres for my PFL S3.Has anyone used or are using Avon ZZ5 on their S3 look like really good value and have good ratings on Blackcircles.Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. +Daz+

    RTS clutch

    Watching with interest to see how you find the clutch.Looking to go Stage 2 end of September but want to keep as near stock feel as possible.
  15. +Daz+

    Organic Clutch for Stage 2 S3

    I am hoping to go MRC Stage 2 on my S3 manual and was wondering what clutches people are using or recommend.Want to keep as close to OE feel as possible and won’t be going over Stage 2. Thanks in advance.
  16. +Daz+

    Audi Rs3 Grill

    Who is the best company to get a RS3 grill for my Pfl S3 8v from?
  17. +Daz+

    Stage 2 Clutch Kit.

    Have spoke to MRC,APR and was also thinking about Revo.
  18. +Daz+

    Stage 2 Clutch Kit.

    Would I need the 4 paddle for just Stage 2 or would the Sachs organic be fine.Won’t be going further than Stage 2.
  19. +Daz+

    Stage 2 Clutch Kit.

    Hi all. Hoping to go Stage 2 on my PFL S3 manual transmission and I’m wondering what clutch kit to go for that keeps the pedal feel as close as possible to standard. Any links or recommendations greatly appreciated.