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  1. barters3

    Vibration from rear when pulling away on a lock, only does it once (til the next day)

    I'm in Torquay, not a million miles away but not exactly local.
  2. barters3

    Just sold the s3....

    i want something with good mpg but was still fun to drive, they are pretty capable cars. I did say i wouldnt buy a car without leather interior but like you say, you cant have it all. Hopefully itll be a decent stop gap whilst i do a house up, then who knows? i definatly wouldnt rule out going...
  3. barters3

    Just sold the s3....

    thats true! The ibiza should still be fun to drive. i plan to either get one with a stage one map or get a standard one and have it mapped, then it will be the same power to weight as the stage 1 s3 i sold. Interior quality will be hard to live with when compared to the s3.
  4. barters3

    Just sold the s3....

    A chap came down from bristol and gave me the asking price. To be fair he got a great buy. there wasnt a single thing which didnt work on the car and its got a brand new clutch, brakes etc etc. Im happy because i got realistic amount for it and he got a lot for his money.
  5. barters3

    Vibration from rear when pulling away on a lock, only does it once (til the next day)

    i may have a tool for sale soon, il have to dig it out as im not sure where it is at the moment.
  6. barters3

    Vibration from rear when pulling away on a lock, only does it once (til the next day)

    I changed the oil and filter on the haldex coupling and it solved the problem.
  7. barters3

    Just sold the s3....

    Just sold my beloved s3. Big thanks to all those who have offered help and advice over the years. This forum has saved me a huge amount in repairs etc. I'm looking to buy a house so im going to buy a ibiza cupra tdi. I may go and view the one in the link below. SEAT IBIZA CUPRA TDI RED...
  8. barters3

    Volkswagen and Audi track day, Castle Combe 16th July

    i could be in for this. ill check my diary! castle coombe is a great track, so should be good.
  9. barters3

    Gauge pod?? dash or piller?

    looks tidy westle. sorry to hijack the thread.... westle do you want to buy a replacement light switch as yours is looking a little tatty?? The led's dont work but the facia bit is mint although I am unsure if the switch handle is removable. PM me if your interested.....
  10. barters3

    more power = bent rods

    i wouldnt mind betting that it was the driving style since fitting the tip which contributed to the bent rod.
  11. barters3

    OHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! :@ :@

    also just to add; i have a cheap £38 sump from ebay. they may vary but the one i have is a great fit and same quality as oem. may be worth considering....
  12. barters3

    OHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! :@ :@

    i have removed my sump pan and refitted twice. my advice would be to use the oem sealant. All mechanics i have spoken to said to pay the extra! My mate works for mitsubushi and the genuine sealant for the mitsi's is over £40!!
  13. barters3

    black trim around hazard and cup holder area.

    its something stupid like £45! I managed to get one for £15 delivered from the bay, it was bugging me for ages!
  14. barters3

    Replacing rear foglight indicator bulb on dash?

    ill try it thanks. my mate was busy so another guy mot'd it, he was a bit of a **** cos he failed my side lights for being blue. they are road legal 'ice white' bulbs which he passed last year!....
  15. barters3

    Replacing rear foglight indicator bulb on dash?

    yep your right there is no indicator on the dash itself. its the indicator on the headlight switch which is not working. i have removed the surround of the headlight switch. do you know if the complete unit comes out?
  16. barters3

    Replacing rear foglight indicator bulb on dash?

    My s3 just failed its mot due to the rear foglight indicator lamp on the dash not illuminating. Hopefully its just a bulb that needs replacing. Can anyone give me a few pointers on what needs to be removed in order to gain access to replace the bulb? Dont suppose anybody knows what bulb...
  17. barters3

    Sump and Oil pickup clean?

    here you go;
  18. barters3

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    i have been keeping an eye out for a set, i think they really suit the 8l.
  19. barters3


    my ds2500's take a while to heat up and then they are brilliant. as above they took a fair bit of bedding in with new discs before i stamped on them!