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  1. bredhurststeve

    Fuel filter valve

    Whoops wrong post
  2. bredhurststeve

    Which oil filter

    Hi, I’m going to do a oil and filter change on Friday but whatever site I go on shows 2 sizes of filters one is 201mm long and 71mm outer diameter and the other is200mm long and 72mm outer diameter, hardly any difference but is there a way to find out which I should purchase, car is 2007 3.0 tdi
  3. bredhurststeve

    3.0tdi Le mans project

    Mines a November 2007 model and is 233gm so is in the lower limit
  4. bredhurststeve

    Soot all over engine bay

    I have a 3.0 TDI and have soot all over the engine bay and exhaust smells in the car which I suppress by pressing the recirculating button, there is a pipe under the turbo which looks like it has a split but I cannot find what part this is , any ideas ? the one below the turbo nut, not a great...
  5. bredhurststeve

    Hi From Maidstone Kent.

    Hi Mike, just up the road from you
  6. bredhurststeve

    car arrived at dealership with wrong gearbox!

    A friend of mine ordered an A4 Avant quattro and after driving it for a week noticed it was not a quattro so Audi let him use the car whilst his correct car was built, ended up using it for 6 months but he insured it himself
  7. bredhurststeve

    Hello from Kent!

    Just down the road from me then, will keep an eye out for you
  8. bredhurststeve

    s6 brakes

    Apart from being overkill on a 2 litre will they clear the rims ok ?
  9. bredhurststeve

    Sold Audi 6 disc glovebox CD changer with cables ready to fit.

    Rob, do you know if this would be a straight fit into a 2007 A6 saloon 3.0 TDI ? I have the single CD player fitted at present
  10. bredhurststeve

    European road trip

    I’m just in the throes of planning a road trip to Milan mid October so am looking at lots of threads to decide where to visit, where to stop overnight etc. We are only doing eight days and want to stop in Paris on the 21st for two nights so will be a bit of a whistle stop tour whilst keeping to...
  11. bredhurststeve

    New battery?

    Can VDCS tell you the health of the battery?
  12. bredhurststeve

    New Eibach Sportline Springs 50/40mm for Audi A6 4F / C6

    Reviving this thread rather than starting a new one, would a new set of shocks benefit a car that has done 99 thousand miles, and how do you tell if the existing set are tired or knackered ?. Along with a few others on here I have had a spinal fusion done (12 years) but may be going in for...
  13. bredhurststeve

    Faulty fuel level sensor ?

    Mine does play up regularly but I took the seat out and had a look at the pump and decided that it was too much far to deal with, I would hate to break something
  14. bredhurststeve

    white smoke ALOT but could be nothing.....

    That is good news although I would be wondering why everyone missed it when working on the car
  15. bredhurststeve

    S3 rear seat melted / gone hard !!!!

    Reminds me of when a car interior was melted by the reaction of the sun magnifying through the window
  16. bredhurststeve

    Grinding Noise When Braking in Snow (ABS?)

    Yes it is your abs, on slippery surfaces like the snow we have at the moment it helps a bit although if you do not leave enough room between the car in front it won’t help you much as witnessed yesterday. Also on my wife’s Rav 4 with winters it still triggers the abs but stops really quick...
  17. bredhurststeve

    Box behind the glovebox

    Could it be a tracker ?