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  1. BurgoS3

    Sold Genuine VCDS Cable

    I no longer have any VAG cars and found this cleaning out my Garage. Genuine cable excellent condition, £150 including next day delivery
  2. BurgoS3

    Q7 Memory seats

    Cheers, I checked today and they don’t have the correct module, looks like it’s a show stopper with the mrs because of it
  3. BurgoS3

    Q7 Memory seats

    Ok I’ll check with the dealer tomorrow
  4. BurgoS3

    Q7 Memory seats

    I’m looking to trade in my 2016 sq5+ for a 2017 (67) sq7 due to baby number 2 arriving. I have found one that ticks all the boxes apart from it not having memory seats. Has anybody got info how easy this would be to retrofit, it already has electric seats so I’d be guessing switches for door...
  5. BurgoS3

    BurgoS3 Finally where I want it to be with a TTE420....Eventually

    Car now for sale, please follow link
  6. BurgoS3

    Sold 2011 Audi S3 420+bhp low mileage

  7. BurgoS3

    S3 won’t start

    Found the source of the problem after using a multimeter, I was getting 12.8v across the battery terminals but when I put it from the positive terminal to the grounding bolt only got 3v. The bolt was however appeared tight so I backed it off to tighten it up a bit more but as I loosened it it...
  8. BurgoS3

    S3 won’t start

    Hi looking for suggestions my 2011 won’t start it is completely dead, no lights come on on interior or exterior. I tried jumping it, nothing, I’ve replaced the battery still nothing, I sent my instrument cluster off to Cartronix to test and they said it’s completely fine, I’ve checked all the...
  9. BurgoS3

    Mk 2 tt ea888 induction kit

    Hi I’m looking to get the old man an induction kit for Xmas, he has a 2012 mk2 tt with what I believe is a ea888 engine, see pic to confirm. What induction kits are people running,
  10. BurgoS3

    SQ5 What tyres?

    what tyres are people running on there SQ5+, currently got pirelli p zeros from factory but they are due changing? Tyre size 255/40/r21 102y Thinking of trying the good year eagle F1’s asymmetric 3s as these have been great on my S3 Or maybe the continental cont 5s Any feedback much appreciated
  11. BurgoS3

    Best intercooler for tte420 setup

    Mine was also mapped by Niki and made 421 and I have a full miltek decat exhaust. I run a Wagner intercooler. I’ve still got a meth kit to fit but I’ve had that over a year lol. I’m in too minds wether to change to a welly cooler instead and not fit the meth. Also are you still on stock...
  12. BurgoS3

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Yep, probably the easiest mod I’ve done
  13. BurgoS3

    SQ5 Aberdeen Area, Audi Drive Select MMi Coding Vi VCD'S

    If you struggle to find any one and your passing by give me a shout
  14. BurgoS3

    SQ5 Aberdeen Area, Audi Drive Select MMi Coding Vi VCD'S

    Correct you can set it what you want in individual section. Unfortunately not I’m down in Manchester
  15. BurgoS3

    SQ5 Aberdeen Area, Audi Drive Select MMi Coding Vi VCD'S

    Yeah it is strange it doesn’t. I’ve just activated it on mine now. Took about 10 min thanks to you tube Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It’s been acting a bit strange, it’s taking longer to start, not sure if it’s to do with the heat or not. Still need to fit my WMI lol
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    Aks 165 fprv, lobs hpfp or get autotech internal put in your existing one. Aks also do the lpfp I thing it’s a ttrs one. Depending on whose tuning your car you may need a pmv controller to stop it over heating. R-tech did mine and have had no problems. I’d recommend sticking with stock injectors
  18. BurgoS3

    SQ5 Aberdeen Area, Audi Drive Select MMi Coding Vi VCD'S

    I’ve got vcds and a SQ5+ but haven’t tried to do it yet