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  1. SootySport

    Rear Brake caliper woes

    Had to change mine as well 2 years ago, changed both rears for balance. Bought from ECP.
  2. SootySport

    Radio code

    If the original radio is still fitted, the ECU does remember the the radio code when battery is disconnected or goes flat. Drive it for a short time and it will sort itself out.
  3. SootySport

    RetroFit Heated Seats

    ^This^. I also wouldn't trust the integrity of those generic seat heater kits you see on EBay, cheap Asian rubbish. If you're going to do it properly use OE parts.
  4. SootySport

    A3 Gone

    I'll look in now and again..
  5. SootySport

    A3 Gone

    I wouldn't say the seats are comfortable, they're harder than the Audi A3/S3. Lighting is a bit too much for me, like it simple as the older A3's. Depreciation on The Audi worked out at £1k a year which is good in my opinion. The A35 is the most expensive car I've ever bought but any car has...
  6. SootySport

    Rear bumper tow cover

    It's not a tow bar cover, it's a lashing eye cover.
  7. SootySport

    A3 Gone

    New car on drive MB A35. Much like my old A3 which has been great for the 8 years I owned it. Would have a S3 if it could tow a trailer but it can't, so the only other car that can tow is this.
  8. SootySport

    Anyone replaced their BKD VNT nozzle base plate?

    Well, the A3 has gone and an A 35 AMG collected today, bit glitzy on the inside but has every option in the A class catalogue, just too much to comprehend. First thing to turn off was the Lane assist, scared me to death when the steering wheel vibrated and tried to turn left on its own. what...
  9. SootySport

    Right Rear brake, no fluid

    Does seem like the ABS valve is blocked then. New ones are expensive
  10. SootySport

    Right Rear brake, no fluid

    Unscrew the bleed nipple and poke a a thin piece of stiff wire into the caliper, it may be blocked up.
  11. SootySport

    Interior light issue

    You need a meter to test for 12volts coming into the ceiling light, you'll then know if the wiring loom or light unit is faulty.
  12. SootySport

    Anyone replaced their BKD VNT nozzle base plate?

    Audi are better than Mercedes these days, especially the interiors. I'm just looking for a 4wd hatchback that has a bit of power and can legally tow. Only ones I can think of are The A35 and S3 although I'm not to sure if the new S3's can legally tow in the UK.
  13. SootySport

    Anyone replaced their BKD VNT nozzle base plate?

    NOOOOO!!! . Mines not healthy as well, turbo wearing out and stronic clutchpack wearing, probably new S3 or A class A35 on the cards.
  14. SootySport

    Anyone replaced their BKD VNT nozzle base plate?

    Good for another 100k miles again It'll outlast me.
  15. SootySport

    Poor pressure/leaking washers

    Think there's an O ring in that pipe connector, worth changing that. Disconnect the pipes coming into the windscreen jets, one at a time, and see if you get a decent flow there when operating the pump. I ended up changing the windscreen jets, rear jet and pump a couple of years ago. Ten years...
  16. SootySport

    rumbling through car when over 35mph

    Wheel bearings, cv joints, propshaft or its flex plates. Check each of them.
  17. SootySport

    Cam chain tensioner

    AMD is my 'go to' Audi specialist, they know more about our cars than the main dealer. They are in West Thurrock next to IKEA , Lakeside, luckily they are not IKEA ex fitters.
  18. SootySport

    Best OEM looking car stereo / sat nav

    Most straightforward swap is the new much improved Dynavin HU. Looks OE more tha any other.
  19. SootySport

    Need a window regulator

    I've bought regulators from Eurocarparts, some are OE and some not but all have worked for years.