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  1. Booboo

    Any problems expected if I disconnect the battery?

    You can clear error codes with obdeleven and carista too btw
  2. Booboo

    Spotify Album Art

    FYI The issue is a V23 gracenote update
  3. Booboo

    2.0 Tfsi fuel consumption

    I have the 2.0 TFSi non quattro (this makes a big difference) It is the 190 ultra model and I get fantastic mpg. On a run I can get over 50mpg. Around town over 30mpg easy.
  4. Booboo

    No album art Spotify

    I've posted in B9 forum but has anyone else lost their album art via Bluetooth stream from Spotify? I still get it from my SD MP3 files. I have gracenote V25, not that I think does anything anyway.
  5. Booboo

    Spotify Album Art

    For some reason I no longer have album art from Spotify when I stream via Bluetooth. It's ok via car play and when I play from SD. I have gracenote V25. Not that I think that does a flipping to be honest. Anyone else noticed this this?
  6. Booboo

    Maps finally updated...on its own.

    Do you have an active Audi connect subscription?
  7. Booboo

    Wanted Obdeleven

    Hi, anyone selling an obdeleven adaptor? First gen would be ok as I only use android. Thanks
  8. Booboo

    Enable rear lights with front DRLs

    This can be done on carista it's called Scandinavian DRLs. Ive activated mine. I can direct you a version of carista if required
  9. Booboo

    Headlight washers

    I thought it was HID or LED that should have them. Some people do code the washers out via vcds or carista etc
  10. Booboo

    Audi A4 2019 - 35TFSI

    I believe only S-Tronic gearbox oil needs changing every 38k. I had my changed at all al VW dealer for £200 a couple of years ago.
  11. Booboo

    Maps finally updated...on its own.

    I used and micro SD with adaptor for the firmware etc but I used a usb for the map update
  12. Booboo

    Maps finally updated...on its own.

    Go here read the info the download is near the bottom "V3.6" Go here username and password are Guest press to go to m.i.b then download m.i.b patches. Unzip and find the one that matches yours. The firmware that matches yours copy that in to the patches folder in the more incredible bash...
  13. Booboo

    35tfsi s tronic service

    The s-tronic does have a filter that is changed in the 36k oil service
  14. Booboo

    Blown speaker

    How do you know it's blown, have you had the trim off to see?
  15. Booboo

    Maps finally updated...on its own.

    Your car should update via the MMi to the latest it'll allow using the fec code you have installed. Unless yours uses a disc
  16. Booboo

    Maps finally updated...on its own.

    On the download link on the above site
  17. Booboo

    Maps finally updated...on its own.

    Maps are available from here. If you have patched your firmware
  18. Booboo

    Coding not working - Automatic Opening Car When Approaching

    I have keyless and have disabled the smart key from unlocking via the MMI due to to raising number of car thefts
  19. Booboo

    Maps finally updated...on its own.

    Yes they can via the MIB software The file is in mbq solution/radiostIonDB/vw_stl_db_eu
  20. Booboo

    Change FEC code to get infinite map updates

    You have to unzip. Then either find your matching patched firmware and drop that in or you can drop the lot in and it'll select your correct patched firmware.