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    Audi Concert System

    me 2 please.
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    Removing Rear parcel shelf?

    does it just pop off, or how is it secured, im after removing the sub (non bose in my a4) dont wont to break it just wondering if anyone has alredy done it?
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    Will this work??

    found this on ebay and wondered weather anyone will think it will work. or is there anything similar? thanks..
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    noob harness question yet again.

    thanks for that. i got it working but distorted at lower volume and less bass, so ill keep my audi one in for now.
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    noob harness question yet again.

    I know there are lots of posts about this but it seems like everyone knows something I don’t... I have drawn a little picture of my 2003 A4 the top one is the Audi one and the bottom is my iso. When I connect my Sony MEX-R1 to the connectors it will accept CD's and eject them but wont turn...
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    Help urgently needed!!! New key needed

    i have just had this problem with my 53 plate a4, now it works: pressed the unlock button (not sure if i needed to..) then unlocked the door with the key put the key in the ignition and turned it all doors unlocked and the remote now works :icon_thumright:
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    works now. maybe i needed to post a couple 1st. anway thanks :icon_thumright:
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    whenever i do a search i can only get results from the s3 topic areas. i tried it at college and same results. i click on advanced search and: ( does anybody else have this problem? thanks.
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    getting my audi a4 1.9tdi 130 quattro sport, in about 2 weeks which is going to drag badly. just thort i would say hi. i will tri and get some pictures up when i get it.