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  1. monkeyboy_marcus

    Squeaking brakes

    This is easy to fix and don't wait for Audi to do it for you. Myself and many others had this in 8P cars and waited ages for the official fix, which wasn't perfect when it was eventually released. I had this too in the 8V and sorted it out myself very easily. Instructions are given in this...
  2. monkeyboy_marcus

    2016 RS3 non-starter/"do not exceed 4000rpm"

    In case anyone ever encounters the same issue, it was a faulty fuel pressure sensor, replaced under warranty.
  3. monkeyboy_marcus

    2016 RS3 non-starter/"do not exceed 4000rpm"

    Interesting experience this evening in the snow. Driving at slow speed around the car park when the car suddenly stalled. Weird, I thought and tried to restart. Engine just turned over repeatedly, even when I stopped turning the key and then I got an error message with "do not exceed 4000 rpm"...
  4. monkeyboy_marcus

    RS3 ... Yes or No...

    Forget the brake squeal, it is a minor issue and easily resolvable. I had this in the 8P and resolved it with the warranty replaced calipers and self-adhesive shims stuck to the back of the brake pads by the local mechanic. Drove that car for 55k miles and loved it. Got the new 8V and had the...
  5. monkeyboy_marcus

    Creaking noise - Help

    Mate, turns out you were spot on correct. Left and right rear suspension top mounts have just been replaced under warranty. So, if others have a knocking "thunk" sound going over speed bumps/rough roads etc, that might be the cause. Hoping this will also rectify the traction control issue I've...
  6. monkeyboy_marcus

    Software Update

    Balls! Just dropped mine off to get some warranty stuff sorted and this was one of the items on the list. So, looking forward to the car not working as well as it did next week.
  7. monkeyboy_marcus

    Report RS3 TTRS brake problems

    Just fitted the self-adhesive anti-squeal shims to both front brakes. Off eBay for about £20.00 - all is quiet again. Couple of things to note: Hal - correct in that there are four pieces to the pads/per brake, i.e. two "kits" required for the front. I did replace them independently and...
  8. monkeyboy_marcus

    Post your RS3 eBay, Classifieds and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Brand new Audi RS3 key fob (no blade) from 8P 2012 model, never used and wasn't included in recent sale. 2 x Michelin PA4 winter tyres 225/35/19 for 8P 2012 RS3 (rear) >5mm tread, one season's use. Open to offers.
  9. monkeyboy_marcus

    Creaking noise - Help

    Mate, I hope you are totally wrong too but that would certainly account for the thunk. Will test the boot liner theory tmw. Got a feeling that there is more to it now though. Ta for the heads up.
  10. monkeyboy_marcus

    Creaking noise - Help

    Not got the creak noise but get a big thunk when going over speed bumps, which I assume is the boot liner - need to take everything out and test. Hope you get yours resolved.
  11. monkeyboy_marcus

    New member and buying an rs3

    Mate, life's too short to wait around another year for the perfect spec, when you could be out there driving a nearly new RS3 that is going to tick most of the boxes. Sure you could wait a year and spank £50k to have it perfect but lose £5k straight off in depreciation as you leave the garage...
  12. monkeyboy_marcus

    New RS3 Stock?

    Got mine delivered from Sheffield (to Kent) and the old 2012 RS3 part-ex was taken away as part of the deal. Knew what I was getting into though, so didn't need to test drive/visit dealership etc.
  13. monkeyboy_marcus

    Report RS3 TTRS brake problems

    No I don't think I have/use auto hill hold. I've also cleaned out the drill holes in the old car and still got the squeal. It seems to be very dependant on climatic factors, notably warm/dry... Interestingly on both 8p and 8v the squeal was noticeable within the first few thousand miles.
  14. monkeyboy_marcus

    Report RS3 TTRS brake problems

    Much appreciated John. Reckon I might just have a go myself, rather than waste time with the dealer/Audi UK like last time. Is the process likely to be much the same for the 8v (you specifically make the distinction)?
  15. monkeyboy_marcus

    Report RS3 TTRS brake problems

    John, appreciate all the effort you made last time to resolve this in 2012-13 and can understand why you don't want to become involved again. Any chance of posting a link to your most helpful step by step tutorial/fix again?
  16. monkeyboy_marcus

    Tracker for insurance

    Sorry, pretty ******* boring topic but insurers insist on a tracker being installed for cover to be valid for theft/attempted theft. Any thoughts/recommendations?
  17. monkeyboy_marcus

    Data SIM - how useful

    Guess you've gone for giffgaff or something similar? I've got the same deal, 500mb/£5 month, cancel whenever. It does seem to improve the sat nav view and I think it gives better traffic reports (not tried this yet). Wonder if you can use wifi assist for phone calls with iPhone when there's no...
  18. monkeyboy_marcus

    Report RS3 TTRS brake problems

    Totally mate, couldn't believe what I was hearing, especially after finding all these nice little refinements that have improved the car over the previous model and now this. I've not had a careful look at the calipers - do they have the bobbins? We know there is a fix - EBC redstuff with...
  19. monkeyboy_marcus

    Traction control light

    Pretty sure the front/rear tyres are the same, unlike the 8p, which was 235 front 235 rear. These are 235/35/19 Pirellis all around. Recently set up the tyre pressures gauge for 39 front 35 rear, which I think from emory was the recommended light load setting on the drivers door. had this before...
  20. monkeyboy_marcus

    Traction control light

    New owner of 2016 8v (had 2012 8p from new) and just experienced a couple of odd situations where the traction control light has flickered on for a couple of seconds whilst not doing anything remotely interesting. Low speed, not cornering/aggressive etc. Anyone experienced this at all?