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    For Sale S5 2008 B8 wheel spacer for sale 15MM Front and 20mm Rear ( Uk only )

    Hi Guys a complete set of wheel spacers up for grabs Front are H&R and the rears are BIMECC, they fit beautifully and give the flush great look to the S5, look awesome in fabulous condition, and a complete set of bolts to £80 gets em with postage on top, or buyer collects from Kidderminster UK
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    For Sale 2008 B8 S5 Coupe Floor Mats For Sale, With Embroidered S5 Logo

    Hi Guys Complete Set of S5 Mats for a Coupe beautifully made and embroidered with the S5 Logo and red Rombard, never used, so brand new S5 V8 Coupe £100 With Postage on top, or collect Kidderminster Area
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    Wanted 20 mm Wheel Spacers Wanted S5

    Thank you for replying, however I now have some....thanks again
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    Wanted 20 mm Wheel Spacers Wanted S5

    Hi Guys Looking for S5 Branded wheel spacers 20mm Nick
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    2008 Audi S5 Coupe, FOG light LED upgrade

    Make sure you have xenon headlights, these LED bulbs will melt halogen headlights, because the ballast is not the same, the auxbeam headlights mention this burnout in their fitting if you have Halogen headlights these bulbs are not for you...well thats the info I'm getting...
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    2008 Audi S5 Coupe, FOG light LED upgrade

    incredibly bright on the road,.......I will check for melting plastics though....yes I purchased them off their website......good throw on the beam possibly 200 feet maybe at a guess, but that is only a guess I will take the headlights out tomorrow and check for any melting
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    2008 Audi S5 Coupe, FOG light LED upgrade

    No errors, and as far as I'm aware........not sure what to look for in regards to heat issues???
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    2008 Audi S5 Coupe, FOG light LED upgrade

    Hi Guys Please can somebody tell me which LED fog lights work best with my Audi, I have Auxbeam Headlight bulbs in ice white, just not sure which ones other people are using and works best with the Audi Thanks for your help guys Nick
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    Vorsprung International 2023

    Defo up for this
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    Silver Alloy Window Trim Staining

    Hi Guys Im gradually getting to grips with the S5, I have noticed what looks like acid or some kind of staining to the silver window trim, can you get rid of this staining? Thanks Guys Nick
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    Drainage holes, front and rear window misting up

    Hi Guys Please can someone tell me where the drainage holes are on a 2008 S5 Coupe, im getting misting in the front window although not as bad as the rear window. Thanks guys, and thanks for reading my post and any help is very much appreciated Kind Regards Nick
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    Oil Filler Cap Suction

    Hi Guys relatively a new owner to this S5 V8, I wonder if someone can help me please? I have a strong vacuum suction when I remove the oil filler cap when the engine is at idle, removing the cap cause the engine to run rough is this the sign of a failed PCV?……or something else thanks to all...
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    2008 S5 advice needed please guys

    Mine is a manual, so basically just normal use really.
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    2008 S5 advice needed please guys

    Thanks Simon, I will book her in for a new clutch….I wonder if it might be better to have a performance clutch