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    You could try Carwow or any other brokers.
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    Opinions grateful folks

    In would go to the lookers garage and ask if it comes under the warranty. Was the work done since you bought the car or not? as it may be an issue .
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    Security for S3

    I hope you logged the potential robbers with the police as they will know if there was any other similar incidents nearby.
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    Rear puncture

    If it's just a puncture I would take it to a tyre place and get it fixed , They can plug it if it is a puncture and you won't need new tyres .
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    New pressure washer purchase

    I have a Karcher K7 with the hose reel on the machine and it is really good . I have had it over12 years and it is starting to leak a bit at the machine where you plug the hose in. It still does two cars regularly and concrete driveway and large decking at least twice a year . Try Karcher outlet...
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    One owner from NEW!

    I have asked if they can explain the 3 previous owners before I even consider looking at the car .
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    One owner from NEW!

    They are stating a clerical error that it has 1 owner , if sold it would be the 4th owner ,They know fine well it has been advertised wrong but "clerical error will be their get out clause.
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    Orange spots on paint..

    It could also be tar so try some tar remover on a cloth on specific spots and see if it works I believe wd40 works as well but use sparingly.
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    Macclesfield Audi [emoji1304]

    Car moved at 12.30 into their workshop Car back out at 2.27 into the car park 3.30 I’m still sat there waiting 8YARWY If you were told 3 1/2 hours and car was out after 2 hours , did you ask for a refund of the 1 1/2 hours they were not working on your car,? Silly question I know as they will...
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    Facelift Maybe one to avoid when it’s repaired

    That will be a right off so shouldn't be repaired.
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    I am too trusting

    That is shocking that the dealership are aware of thefts and have done nothing. Have you reported the theft to the police and Audi hq? I would keep a note of any phone calls etc etc ,ade while you wait for something to be done , I would also e mail the dealership CEO and ask him/her what their...
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    A funny thing happened last night.

    Crikey I didn't realise he had hit something with the rear of the car . I hope it is not to bad and fixable quickly , and I hope you get the next two services for free as well.
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    A funny thing happened last night.

    I hope you at least got the service free for the Audi muppet ragging your car.
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    RS3, ST Andrews today

    Beautiful Blue RS3 in St Andrews this afternoon 23 reg (Lucky person having it .) Wow the noise and the driver wasn't revving much. Belong to anybody on here?
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    I am too trusting

    I would also mention that you are considering contacting the Police and reporting this as theft. I would also be e mailing Audi uk and the CEO of the garage and possibly the local papers. I would be fuming as well.
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    Washing car advice

    You could try for more information. But be warned it is addictive and can sometimes cost ££££s but so worth it.
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    Do Not Wash!

    Jaypers I know it may not be easy, but I always take my cars to the dealer shiny and clean and tell them Not to wash or hoover it, and waiting while it gets serviced helps as well.
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    Dealership taking my S3 for a spin

    I would be asking why it has had 13 miles added and if they had to road test it then a trip round the block would have been sufficient. IMO it should not have had any more miles than being delivered and collected from the dealer. Would be interesting to find out what excuse they use.
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    Pot hole tire damage claims question.

    I would send an e mail to your local Police Traffic department and complain about the crater, They should get onto the council to get it sorted. I did this a few years ago on the A75 after I was told a rutted potholed area was safe to drive over but can be uncomfortable, I don't know if it was...
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    RS3 8Y Picture Gallery Thread

    The R8 is stunning but the RS6 wi9ll be as well. My opinion -- If you can afford it and like it , go get it and remember and post lots of photos.