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  1. ninjakid

    Audi S3 8p Helix Clutch Excessive Judder

    I have the Helix/Luk clutch installed by AKS. Initially there was judder when pulling away from the lights, but after about 200 miles this disappeared. Did you break in the clutch carefully for 500 miles of town driving? Not motorway. I didn't take it past 2k revs for that period.
  2. ninjakid

    My tfsi is dead..

    Hi, did you ever get to the source of the lumpy idle? I've ordered the VIS balance shaft delete sprocket as well and was wondering if this will affect mine. Thanks
  3. ninjakid

    Engine oil recommendations

    Didn't see that lol
  4. ninjakid

    Engine oil recommendations

    Does anyone know how much oil is needed for a full oil change on a S3?
  5. ninjakid

    New (to me) S3 owner

    Looking good so far buddy, I've a I'll have a look, thanks for the info
  6. ninjakid

    New (to me) S3 owner

    Looking good so far buddy, I'm enjoying reading progress. I've always loved the S3 in sprint blue. Question, whereabouts did you purchase the rear lights and Osram bulbs? Thinking of getting some for mine. Thanks
  7. ninjakid


    fair point lol.......people!! give your first names so we have the illusion that we know you better haha
  8. ninjakid


    No first names in brackets anymore? Std format seems to have changed after no. 78 Ricksta
  9. ninjakid

    Revo CAI

    ****** hell, K&N!!! i remember when they were all the rage lol had to have one on me old RS Turbo lol
  10. ninjakid

    Scotty Dugg's S3 8P1

    What a nightmare you've had, this is all because some ponker couldnt be assed to do a proper job when putting back to standard. Some ppl just dont care which is poor form. Well done to your guy for finding and fixing the problems. I was actually wondering if the mileage stated isnt what is...
  11. ninjakid

    S3. Remap power query

    Yes very true....I guess the quoted price of £1700 supply and fit may of influenced my thinking lol
  12. ninjakid

    S3. Remap power query

    Yes at full boost it slips in 3 4 5 and 6. Partial boost its fine, just a pain sometimes on the motorway when overtaking. But wanted to wait until I got all the parts for ST2+ so I can fit it all at once. I was looking at the Spec 3+ but think it maybe a bit OTT until I go hybrid
  13. ninjakid

    S3. Remap power query

    My Std clutch is knackered from 3rd gear onwards, and that's at Stage 1. Only thing is I don't know how many miles it had done before I remapped it. It's so frustrating because 3rd gear WOT was one of my favorite gears to be in.
  14. ninjakid

    Stage 2 S3

    Strangely my torque at Stage 1 is 338lbs/ft, which is more then most at Stage 2. Not that I'm complaining:thumbs up:
  15. ninjakid

    Newbie to group

    Get yourself signed up on Photobucket like Sir Alex said. Then upload your pics, after that you can select a picture and copy direct link. Then upload that link from here. Should work as I figured it out yesterday.
  16. ninjakid

    What's your winter runners ?? Pics

    Oh here's a pic of my winter runner now I've worked out how to put images on here
  17. ninjakid

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Just thought I'd add a few pics of my baby!! Thought I'd chuck in one of me motorbike as well
  18. ninjakid

    Intermittent flickering issue with Bi-Xenons

    I've experienced the same thing with my car, but only happened once or twice and has never happened again. It was very strange when it happened as they just started flickering, and then stopped. Probably some weird gremlin in the system.
  19. ninjakid

    My s3 build thread starts here i guess

    Looks exactly the same as mine, just without the Draper label. Good find mate:beerchug:
  20. ninjakid

    My s3 build thread starts here i guess

    This is what I brought to undo the sping clamp, does the job perfectly, also it locks into position so you don't have to keep grip. Nice and easy :- Here's the link -...