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    A5 cabriolet 2010 boot catch

    After my boot lock stopped working as did one of my reversing lights and fog lights, booked car in to my local garage. It seems it was a wiring fault in the loom between boot lid and bodywork which has a tight bend and 5 wires had snapped. This is because I’m told that Audi use fine wire and not...
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    A5 cabriolet 2010 boot catch

    Hi, it was working upto 2 weeks ago then it just stopped working. I have central locking options in my MMI menu and I have read the manual to no avail. Thanks anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A5 cabriolet 2010 boot catch

    Hi, can anybody help,I’m having a problem with my boot catch it will now only open if I hold the boot button on the fob. It used to open as part of the central locking but suddenly stopped working,and I can’t open it manually with the key either. The catch obviously works but no joy from the...
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    2010 Audi a5 cabriolet 2.0 Tdi S-Line roof repair

    As i driver of an A5 cabrio myself,this would be one of my worst nightmares.... Complete ********! You might have to claim on your insurance pal... Regards Mark.
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    2012 Facelift

    Sounds like your sorted then mate! Enjoy!
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    2012 Facelift

    Hi, as a driver of a 2010 A5 cab,i prefer mine as to the facelift version.The new models front looks like an A4 and i prefer the more sportier aggressive look of mine. If audi are not to careful they will be going down the BMW route of spoiling the looks of cars in order to facelift,the new 5...
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    SD Reader & SD Cards

    Hi mate,I too have a A5 Cab and i absolutely love it! As you can see i also owned a A4 Cab. Regarding the card reader,firstly get yourself down to argos and get an 8 gig sd card for about £15, 8 gig will be ok no more(see your manual) as the hard drive only has this spare memory,well mine does...
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    2010 Audi A5 Cabriolet

    Very nice too! Am a proud owner of a brand new a5 cabriolet,black with black hood,fully loaded with lovely toys and gadgets! Love it!
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    Which upgrade headlight bulbs for my 53 plate b6?

    I'd go for PIAA bulbs at demon tweeks, draw 55w and produce 110w. Had them in dipped and main beam. Realy good!
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    Nah. Got to be black! red is ferrari, white is essex chav wedding car. Black is class. Have owned a4 cabrio in black and now own a5 cabrio also in black,nothing else compares! Everyone looks and comments on it.
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    Which B6 Audi A4 do you prefer??

    Got to be the 3.0 The pull of it and the noise,without any doubt.:rock:
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    (all) Electric Windows Button on Cab only puts windows down

    Sounds like a faulty switch,similar thing happened to mine.
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    Swiching to A5

    Just a quick note to say goodbye as i will be driving a new A5 S-Line cabriolet as of monday 29th nov. Its black with black hood and fully loaded with toys and gadgets. Thanks for all the help and advice with my A4 it was much appreciated. Cheers everyone.:rock::applaus:
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    Bulb warning light

    Cheers for that! Will check it out.
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    Bulb warning light

    Hi,I have changed the rear nearside bulb after the warning light showed a fail but now every now and again the warning light re-appears but the light is fine????? Was told that it should reset itself when the ignition is turned off and on! Any ideas? Cheers Mark.
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    A few problems that need solving.

    Not to sure on the other two but you will probably need a new window switch,happened to me on the drivers one! Happy motoring!:thumbsup::yes:
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    3.0 quattro,sport cabriolet,cross-spoke split rims,light pack.dimming rear view mirror,folding...

    3.0 quattro,sport cabriolet,cross-spoke split rims,light pack.dimming rear view mirror,folding wing mirrors,cd multi changer,GSM alarm system,100w headlight bulbs
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    Newbie question 3.0 cab

    Hi,i too have had a couple of coil packs go down plus had to renew my drivers side seat airbag,also had an oil leak but touch wood its been okay on the whole!
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    Door Handle Cover Re-fitting

    Happened to me too! Make sure you use an old credit card though! There used to be pics posted on here somewhere of how to fix it. Mine got chipped when it fell off so had to touch it up.
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    So wrong but so right!

    Each to their own i suppose! Makes the world go round and a little less boring! eh?