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  1. Granta

    GEARBOX NEEDED - manual, petrol, 6 speed

    Tell them to put it back in as it sounds like it's not an issue if you didn't know about it / feel it ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Granta

    Changed haldex and diff oil - very little haldex oil came out

    Is the Haldex due every 40k? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Granta

    Dash isn't coming on at all, and engine start blocked.

    Something to try, take both terminals off the battery and connect the together for 15 minutes then connect them back to the battery and see if it sorts itself out.
  4. Granta

    Burning Smell from engine bay + Centre Arm Rest Vibrates? (2006 A3 Quattro S-Line)

    Could it be your prop shaft centre bearing on the way out/ out of balance ?
  5. Granta

    Standard clutch on stage 2+

    R tech did my 2+ and still on standard clutch! I have done 6k since the map over a year ago and still holding up strong. Although niki at r tech did make the map a smoother one and less aggressive to prolong the life of the clutch.
  6. Granta

    Outer CV Boot Change Help

    i would use a genuine boot kit if i was you or you will probably be doing the same job again a year later, the aftermarket ones just done last
  7. Granta

    Where is everybody from ???

    guildford, surrey area
  8. Granta

    Any other bits needed when fitting 2nd hand exhaust? - milltek S3 8P

    i fitted a second hand millek to mine and did not need anything else. the engine light came on shortly after and there was a code for cat efficiency so you will either need it mapped or a spacer for the rear O2 sensor, i didn't use any exhaust sealant and it doesn't leak, there are good quality...
  9. Granta

    Pilot super sports

    i can get you PS3s for £95 each but they are W rated ( been running same on mine and no problems) or goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 2 for £90 each
  10. Granta

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    about to say must be 4 fronts! i like the darker bits on a sprint blue!
  11. Granta

    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    I fitted rear discs and pads and new aux drive belt yesterday :)
  12. Granta

    Remap stage 2+ rs4 valve not happy !

    oh no what a mission! did he map it anyway? i haven't heard anything bad about LVS.. as said express your upset and wasted your time and ask for some fuel money for the trip back?
  13. Granta

    Meteor Grey S3

    Awesome looking motor!
  14. Granta

    Audi s3 8p stage 1 remap

    R tech !
  15. Granta

    Just booked in for R tech remap

    they are also very good on price, as i had a stage1 map there when doing stage 2+ they did me a deal as a returning customer!
  16. Granta

    Just booked in for R tech remap

    Their lead time to book in is usually 2-3 weeks
  17. Granta

    Just booked in for R tech remap

    I'm sure you won't be disappointed !
  18. Granta

    S3 manual Standard clutch on a stage 2+ map ??

    Good idea to change it before, as mine has been tailed off to protect the clutch. Are you going to r tech to have it done? If so niki recommended fitting the rs4 fuel pressure valve too
  19. Granta

    S3 manual Standard clutch on a stage 2+ map ??

    I'm on standard clutch and stage 2+! 56k and prefacelift (are the clutches different?) been stage 2 + for 2500 miles and still going strong, although i have budgeted for one.. Niki at r tech did it