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  1. Pauljamescaton


    I'm after a set of Audi OEM 19 x 8J ET50 RS3 Rotors - All round.
  2. Pauljamescaton

    Could anyone recommend a paint repair specialist in the North West??

    Always been over the moon with body and paintwork done by Craig at: The Garage Henrietta Trading Estate, Henrietta St, Ashton-under-Lyne
  3. Pauljamescaton

    A3- warren's.

    Car's looking BOSS mate :wub:
  4. Pauljamescaton

    Kowalski Details v Ibis White RS3

  5. Pauljamescaton

    Kowalski Details v Ibis White RS3

    Beautiful, Epic, Awesome, whatever word you use it represents one thing... Perfection...
  6. Pauljamescaton

    Bit of fun!! Car scents!

    I hear that brother!!!!
  7. Pauljamescaton

    New A3 Black Edtion

    I have a 170 S - Tronic and I only get 400 - 450 miles to a tank, motorway miles in the week with a bit of town driving at the weekend....
  8. Pauljamescaton

    What I've been upto! LOTS of pics!

    E - PIC :wub: ps: Helios still rocking at the Unit :haha:
  9. Pauljamescaton

    My Ibis white S3 transformation

    Come on don't sit on the fence, why don't you say what you really think.... :ninja: :laugh:
  10. Pauljamescaton

    TDI-line's Black Edition A1

    Beautiful, love this colour combo on these :wub:
  11. Pauljamescaton

    Help with planning mods

    :hi:great transformation
  12. Pauljamescaton

    Spotted these nice wheels :D ....... However!

    Tell it how it is N8, tell it how it is :laugh:
  13. Pauljamescaton

    Photos of the new 2012 A3

    Agreed, without the screen in the centre console it makes the dash look derelict.... Still think it looks well though inside :laugh:
  14. Pauljamescaton

    Helios......Round 2!

    No, I don't mean anytime soon, I'm talking when circumstances change e.g. I get my own place away from the frickin' speed bump city I live in :laugh: That probably won't be any time soon :(
  15. Pauljamescaton

    Helios......Round 2!

    For now I think I am just going to deal with the hideosity of the looks but for the future I may look in to this.... cheers....
  16. Pauljamescaton

    Helios......Round 2!

    Right all, the car is back to standard....... Q7 ride height :( The A3 S-line set up has to be the worst 'sports' set up out there, the wheels are too sucked in and the arch gap is ridiculous..... Not sure what my options are for a compromise.... The Helios and KW V2's are off now, if...
  17. Pauljamescaton

    Nice... Just proves the general population cannot drive!!

    Sorry to hear that pal, I presume they have drove off from the scene as well? Edit: Sorry missed the part they had gone :sorry:
  18. Pauljamescaton

    Helios......Round 2!

    Can't take the car where I want or need to take it is the main reason.... At weekend its fine I can pick a different route, but in the week when you have to get over 10 sets of speed bumps in the morning at 8am when its busy as hell to get off your estate it gets tiring.... I am actually...
  19. Pauljamescaton

    Helios......Round 2!

    I'm here to sadly announce that the Helios and KW V2's will be up for sale in the next week.... :crying: It's taken 2 months of deliberating but you can't be a part time baller, its a full-time ethos :laugh: Back to standard which is a shame but its a car at the end of the day, it ain't worth...