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  1. AndrewBates

    Deactivate front distance cruise control sensor?

    I think the radar is basically always active because it works for the active city stop feature also
  2. AndrewBates

    Deactivate front distance cruise control sensor?

    does anyone know if it’s possoble to deactivate the front distance sensor for cruise control using vag com, I am looking to fit an rs3 style grill to my car but I have the cruise control sensor so don’t want it to throw up a warning on the dash. Is there anyway around this
  3. AndrewBates

    S3 8V Clutch failure after 22k miles. If this has happened to you PLEASE READ still having issues with the stock clutch give this a read as an option, my car has went through two stock clutch’s, one at 17k on a standard and the second one lasted approx 5k on stage...
  4. AndrewBates

    Are golf r and s3 exhausts interchangeable?

    does anyone know if this is the case? I have noticed that yo-yo sports make an exhaust for the golf r at around £400 but wondering if this would also fit the s3?
  5. AndrewBates

    Window surrounds wrapping

    I had full black pack done front grille and fog trims painted and rear diffuser trim painted and all chrome surrounds wrapped £500, think he was quoting around £300 for just the window trims
  6. AndrewBates

    Launching a manual s3

    I understand the issues with the clutch I'm putting an uprated unit in in the next few months, reason for handbrake on is the drag strip (Crail) isn't a very good surface very slight decline that you can easily roll Over the line on especially if holding the clutch just before the bite to launch...
  7. AndrewBates

    Launching a manual s3

    Hi guys quick question is there any kind of launch control you can map in on an Audi s3 8v manual?, finding it very difficult to balance clutch and throttle due to the electric handbrake disengaging and allowing the car to roll while still staged up, or any advice on the best way to get the car...
  8. AndrewBates

    H&R springs which ones?

    Yeah if you could show some pics that would be good mate
  9. AndrewBates

    H&R springs which ones?

    So are both sets suitable for a car witbiut mag ride?
  10. AndrewBates

    H&R springs which ones?

    Hi guys looking for s definitive answer on which part number I need seems to be two that people choose from, my car is a 2014 even sportback without mag ride but does have drive select. Is it 28810-1 Or 28826-2
  11. AndrewBates

    Eibach pro lowering springs

    What wheels are these mate?
  12. AndrewBates

    Vw racing motorsport alloys

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows if these Wheels's are still available and if so where from, can't seem to find them for sale anywhere
  13. AndrewBates

    S3 8V Clutch failure after 22k miles. If this has happened to you PLEASE READ

    How's is the 4 paddle clutch pedal feel? Is it heavy?
  14. AndrewBates

    S3 8V Clutch failure after 22k miles. If this has happened to you PLEASE READ

    S3 manual, had clutch replaced by dealer I bought car from at 17k(not warranty) stated as burnt out by previous driver, had car remapped afterwards, 4000 miles later the clutch is slipping again .
  15. AndrewBates

    Splitters for s3 sport back

    hi there I have a red s3 sport back and I'm looking to purchase a splitter for the front, torn between either the Martin design one or the ht autos one, has anyone fitted either of these and have reviews or have any good pictures of them fitted? The pictures the company's have don't show the...
  16. AndrewBates

    Varying performance

    Often have this problem, think it's just due to the very sensitive traction control, although the lights may not always flash the slightest loss of traction and it feels like the car only gives you 50%
  17. AndrewBates

    Backbox delete s3?

    anyone carried out a backbox delete rather than the centr resonator delete, I've had both of these done to a golf mk5 gti and an s3 8p so the older style tfsi engine, the backbox removal sounded much better than the centre res. Just looking to see if anyone has done it and any videos
  18. AndrewBates

    Well thanks....

    I agree and disagree with some of the things said in this post, I work in a dealer all be it the workshop side but where do you draw the line, let a customer in at a minute til closing but not at closing on the dot, everything is so customer based these days but I think a customer has to give...
  19. AndrewBates

    Facelift exhaust pops and bangs for prefacelift?

    noticed on the facelift the car sounds much better now on over run etc, I have a pre facelift with the exhaust valves disabled, just wondering is there anything that can be done to make it sound the same or is it due different ecu software etc
  20. AndrewBates

    Clutch slipping 1.6TDI

    If your getting juddering pulling away your flywheel is probably on its way out, what won't be helping the issue is taking off in 2nd gear your puting more strain on all the transmission components and purposely over heating and slipping the clutch causing premature wear, and I'd probably be...