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  1. DarkBunny

    Hard water area.............. clogged-up screen washers

    I always buy ready mixed screenwash - maybe that would help
  2. DarkBunny

    Fantasy Formula 1 2016 ASN League

    Second highest score for me - but still didn't move up the order...
  3. DarkBunny

    How quick is the RS3 8P?

    What's wrong with the VIII as a daily drive?? I had a VI for over 3 years as a daily...
  4. DarkBunny

    Fantasy Formula 1 2016 ASN League

    I like the fact I got 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th! Wonder how that score fared in the whole fantasy world??
  5. DarkBunny

    Worcester SEAT Morning Meet 28th May - All Welcome!

    Good job Mike, hope you get a good turnout :yes:
  6. DarkBunny

    What to do for shade, gazebo?

    My fear of gazebos... they move if it's the slightest bit windy!!! - You don't want them scratching your motor!
  7. DarkBunny

    Suggestions for a proper wheel brush?

    I've always taken the wheels off to clean when I'm doing 'the works'...
  8. DarkBunny

    Emissions software update available

    Which they will if you don't get the update... They've got you by the short and curlys I'm afraid...
  9. DarkBunny

    Emissions software update available

    This is what the Audi dealership told him - needless to say he's gutted and the car he bought not long ago is nothing like it used to be. He says it feels absolutely gutless now (in comparison of course)
  10. DarkBunny

    Emissions software update available

    A chap who I work with had his diesel TT work completed and lost 65bhp :wtf: They basically said that they could re-classify his tax bracket, or complete the work. They've not offered compensation either for his clear loss of resale value. Absolutely shocking from Audi POV. Disgusted - glad I...
  11. DarkBunny

    Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!

    Look on the bright side, at least it's only the wheel :yes:
  12. DarkBunny

    Revo intake with TTS engine cover

    Looks very nice indeed! Assuming you've experienced no problems with the intake? Have seen some recent posts stating that the cars have been misbehaving when the REVO has been installed... Is your car already mapped?
  13. DarkBunny

    TTS Engine Cover + Fixings **Prize Draw**

    You could buy something then sell the prize to me for £50 if you win :rockwoot:
  14. DarkBunny

    Fantasy Formula 1 2016 ASN League

    What a fall from grace for me!!
  15. DarkBunny

    Plate bulbs

    Just done mine and have to say the screws are a complete B*^*$*D to get out then back in again... Looks nice now they're done though!
  16. DarkBunny

    Revo CAI – Not Impressed (Short Review)

    Wouldn't your remap need adjusting as you'll now be getting a lot more 'cold' air into the engine - would have thought the REVO dealer would have known if that was the case though!
  17. DarkBunny

    Audi S3 (8P) New BCS Powervalve Trim Options.

    Best give the marketing person a kick... polished is spelt with one 'l'...
  18. DarkBunny

    Pictures of your old cars?

    That poor little conifer hasn't grown much!! *(Unless you've had these over the last four months!!)*
  19. DarkBunny

    Wheeler dealers

    It's funny when you watch it and between the 'buying parts' etc. there's a thick layer of dust on the motor... What does Ed do in the other side of that garage?!
  20. DarkBunny

    R- TECH performance

    Really interested in this, but they only have a 2WD rolling road... How can it be good to map a quattro on that??