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  1. tracer

    ooooucha beastie

    yeeeeeeeeeees!, she lives. bought a set of spark plugs today, fitted and tested, spark ok but still struggling to start, so figured its just flooded, floored the accelerator, turned the key and after a good bit of spluttering and coughing, it roared into life. well chuffed. :thumbsup:
  2. tracer

    ooooucha beastie

    would think thats probably hitting the nail on the head, although its a very scary thought. like i said there was plenty smoke when it happened. could only really see dust lying around, nothing substantial. have put a thin plastic conduit lid through all the pipes in the box and there are no...
  3. tracer

    ooooucha beastie

    nope, still no joy vag-com says - 16518 oxygen (lambda) sensor b1 s1 : no activity p0134 - 35 -10 ---- intermittent also took out the two spark plugs at the front which are easy to get to for a look see, look very black and slightly wet (fuel?) , only changed them...
  4. tracer

    ooooucha beastie

    shoulda said "no banana in the tailpipe" gags, pretty funny though just glad it didn't happen before now when i needed the car , have got it out and it doesn't appear to be blocked, will have a closer look though but in the meantime another pic.... had to cut it out so i guess its the...
  5. tracer

    ooooucha beastie

    been lurking off and on here for a few years now, just picking up odd bits of info but feel compelled to post pics of this one.....its a bit of a disaster!? just bought a new car so have been polishing up the b5 ready to sell it. anyway , a couple of days ago it wouldn't start, could kinda...
  6. tracer

    Autoquake - Leeds

    almost time for a new car, anyone used these guys before. or know of them? ex-lease cars at nice prices, I'm a bit wary though, feel its a bit of a gamble. google search found a thread on moneysavingexpert but there are mixed reviews and some good ones are from first time posters so there's a...
  7. tracer

    Worrying noise

    hopefully its not much mate, might be worth a second opinion , get someone else to drive it. ask that guy who used to work for audi if he would look it over and give you an estimate.
  8. tracer

    Broadband: Wireless or Cat5

    i would have sworn by cables a few months back, i used to have cat5 cable runs in my old house for streaming video from pc. just recently moved into a new house and have gone wireless, more due to lazyness than anything and i don't notice any difference apart from it being far easier.
  9. tracer

    Using laptop screen for pc

    if its just the information you need off the tower pc then buy an external usb hard drive and transfer the info onto there. 500 gig usb drives are cheap a chips now. or take the hard drive out of the tower and plug it into something like this... yer gonna...
  10. tracer

    Stripper Fail

    aye good ones
  11. tracer

    vote for XBMC!!!

    anyone who has xbox media centre will know its worth voting for...... details here --->
  12. tracer

    Racedriver grid.

    yeah i would agree graphics are superb, and it is quite arcadey but i like that, a great game to pick up and play. like the online play too, apart from getting slammed into a wall right at the start, or bumped just as you'r about to take the first corner perfectly, grrrrr.
  13. tracer

    Colin McRae DIRT - Xbox 360

    just got an xbox360 recently, tried pgr4, then forza2 then colin mcrae dirt. gotta say dirt is the best outa the lot imo. in fact maybe the best driving game i've ever played? i'm just totally hooked on dirt, gotta get to the next level, the next car, the next track. and the graphics are...
  14. tracer

    What to look out for what buying a A4

    just make sure you drive it yourself ,then you will get a feel for any problems . be overly critical now, it will save you in the long run. if you are running a passat at the moment you already have a good benchmark to go by.
  15. tracer

    Cam belt failure!

    gutted for you stringster , i had exactly the same thing happen to my 1.8 non-turbo, key sheared, head was in a right old mess, had it rebuilt and got 20 quid change from a grand ! :faint: runs like a dream now though depends what you can get , but for me it ended up being the best option...
  16. tracer

    The New Knight Rider

    it got lots of bad reviews so i wasn't expecting anything but it wasn't that bad. lots of cheeeeezy moments, especially the hoff's cameo appearance.
  17. tracer

    So it begins........ More bits

    woah nice one, thats gonna be one of the most impressive / unique specced b5s out there. when you posted about upgrading the engine i seem to remember thinkin why would you not sell up and go for a better model but fair play you've made the right choice. remember to take lots of pics when...
  18. tracer

    job interview

    > A major International company was looking to recruit for an important > position, so they interviewed dozens of applicants and narrowed their > search down to three people from different parts the British Isles . > > In an attempt to pick one of them, they decided to give them all...
  19. tracer

    head tracking with wii remote
  20. tracer

    What was your first ever car...?

    b reg polo saloon, passed down from my big sis. 983cc if i remember rightly. loved that car. great thread btw.