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  1. fasteddie

    3D R8

    christ that's great,any chance of seeing the new Lotus Evora in aspen white would be appretiated. I've ordered one but haven't picked a colour yet, like to compare starlight black and aspen white!! If this is something you can do a post at wouldn't go a miss!
  2. fasteddie


    Can anybody tell me why they developed the dual mass flywheel. I mean it must be better why add risk and weight to something that is..well a solid piece of metal?
  3. fasteddie

    S3 clutch questions

    Hi I have a further question or two to add. I take it the clutch on an early S3 (99) is a standard unit and not dual mass clutch. am I correct? The other question is what about the flywheel is the fly a dual mass unit, i hear they can fail and it is this that i am worried about. Can anybody...
  4. fasteddie


    I have only just seen this thread as I don't visit this site as much as I used to when the S3 was new (to me). I bought mine private but did HPI it. Now I know HPI doesn't spot a "clone" but in this case it would have spotted the outstanding debt and the odd colour change, this would have lead...
  5. fasteddie

    Opinions please

    So I am looking through ebay at S3's and I see a low milkeage 99 car, same year as mine but in red, not the best colour in my opinion but then reading the ad i had to look at the photos..... check out the interior and she says it's a one owner car so i assume she specc'd the car up. was she on...
  6. fasteddie

    rear brake disc help, now

    cheers, i think i was applying to much pressure and it was sticking. i went out whilst waiting for a reply and tried turning it with less pressure against it and it went in lovely. Both sets of pads and new turbo groove discs are on the car. I feel good! Now to upgrade this laptop.
  7. fasteddie

    rear brake disc help, now

    Hi, I have searched but cant find any advice on rear disc removal / refit. I have finally got the pesky caliper off on one side. I have the correct tool to push the piston back in (ie wind it in but cant seem to turn the pison at all. does it need pressure or not? Any advise on this would be...
  8. fasteddie

    What are the best tires for the S3

    I wanted the F1's all round however when I fitted them to the front I found my car had very good balance withthe Bridgestones on the rear. At the limit they both let go at a similar pace so I dont get the understeer usually associated with an S3. Worth a go to use your existing tyres on the rear...
  9. fasteddie

    Uprated Haldex controller

    anybody on here had the switchable 50-50 split fitted? if so how does it feel on a track? Also when it is in the off position does it behave as per standard or is there a difference in response as per the sport fitment mentioned above? cheers
  10. fasteddie

    If you have seen a GATSO picture taken at night

    oh has somebody been a naughty boy at night?
  11. fasteddie

    clean and sparkly in the sunshine

    omg I've never seen wheels like this before, medic, medic. I wonder what the people turning their heads are saying "did you see those wheels?" "yeap, that reminds me what are we having for lunch" Only joking they are er unique and that's all that matters. People dis my yellow car - that's...
  12. fasteddie

    how many miles for £20?

    cant be ***** to do the maths but i fill my car (around £50) and it takes me 250 miles oh goddamit that is £20=100miles, so your OK with an S3
  13. fasteddie

    why dont people change the rear brakes?

    I'm with jojo on this one you do not want to "better" the rears that much or you will be in trouble
  14. fasteddie

    shotblasting and sparaying cost?

    you are still probably looking at £50 per wheel, unless anyone else knows different and if so please let me know as I have been holding off perfecting my wheels as they are not in bad condition the small marks just niggle me but not quite enough to justify £200+
  15. fasteddie

    Average MPG at idle??

    33mpg? Are you sure it's an S3 and not a TDI? :)
  16. fasteddie

    Average MPG at idle??

    I dont know what I am getting per tank as this has only just happened and I've just filled the tank. Normally I get around 250. Anybody in Kent got Vag Com
  17. fasteddie

    S3 on Ebay EVERY EXTRA

    very well spotted, why do people do that. surely it is illegal to misrepresent your motor in this manner without stating the photos are of a similar car??????
  18. fasteddie

    Average MPG at idle??

    Hi, I recently noticed my avergae fuel consumption dropping, like a stone (ie from a long term ave of about 26-28 down to 20 and then a little later 17.6). So I put air in the tyres reset the ave MPG and drove it home, apart from recording very low MPG I noticed the AVE MPG counting down whilst...
  19. fasteddie

    S3 on Ebay EVERY EXTRA

    Not keen on the illegal plates, they only really look good on a period motor. As for the rest of the car it looks nice, so he made a mistake stating it had every extra. I doubt he thought people would be spending their morning pointing out what it doesn't have!!!! :)
  20. fasteddie

    2000 S3 cambelt gone!

    hate to say it when someone has obviously had misfortune but this should be a warning to everyone in any doubt as to whether they should or should not change the cam belt, my belt was changed at 45,000 on 5 years. I had a friend who wrote off an engine when his belt went - you rarely get away...