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  1. g60jet

    A4 Avant Boot Stop Buffer 8e9827249

    Hi All, My boot Stop buffers has basically disintergrated. Just called Audi and they want £26 odd each plus VAT. Has anyone found a cheaper alternative?
  2. g60jet

    Attending list. 11th Of August.

    1. ScottB5 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A4 B5 Avant. 2. Jay A3 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8L 3. A3-Lee - Probably just come down Sunday A3 8L 4. s3 syc - camping/hotel saturday night 8p s3, heading down for the 1st time 5. Turbo Jay - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8P 6. rossy173 -...
  3. g60jet

    AitP Discussions Thread.

    I'll be going, I think we will be going to the swimming baths onsite to as the girls love Billingham Aquadrome
  4. g60jet

    Instrument Cluster Speaker Failure Repair via Cluster Repairs UK

    I just wanted to drop a quick post to tell everyone what great Service I had from Cluster Repairs Uk. A few months back the Buzzer that tells you that you have left your lights on, seat belt warning, speed warning etc failed. Now having basically relied on it since having my A4 I missed it...
  5. g60jet

    How to: Ambient Lighting for cheap

    for the front you could of just purchased 8E0919063A and drilled two holes!
  6. g60jet

    A4 TFSI dead? Dash lights on, then died, now wont start!

    my bet is you've blown a cold pack and its taken out the engine managment fuse. You will need a 30amp fuse iirc, and you need to take the wipers and scuttle off, the fuse is under the ECU. cheap fix. but beware if its a coil pack, it will blow again. smell each coil pack for the burnt one.
  7. g60jet

    Cluster removal

    Thanks just need to get this sorted now, I'm off to Cluster repairs soon.
  8. g60jet

    Cluster removal

    Did you disconnect the battery when doing this, and do you know if the car still locked? I'm having my cluster speaker repair next week and need lock the car while its out.
  9. g60jet

    Aircon'd Glove Box

    its brilliant, was on a road trip to scotland over the weekend and it proved its worth as it was warm on friday. Drinks in the cool box were nice and cool when i came to open them.
  10. g60jet

    Today I de-chromed my window surrounds....

    Did you cover it in insultation tape?
  11. g60jet


    add the homesafe lights
  12. g60jet

    B7 Avant, where is the vehicle spec label?

    i found mine in my old seat leon under the spare wheel still floating around on its backing rather than stuck to to the spare wheel well
  13. g60jet

    more bass!

    use a line level converter off the sub in the boot you already have *behind the right hand boot panel"
  14. g60jet


    anyone know if this is a vag-com retro fit jobbie?
  15. g60jet

    Michael Jackson...

    Apparently CPR isn't as easy as ABC
  16. g60jet

    Can i used non extra load tyres?

    you need the extra load for the tyre wall, otherwise your tyre will collapse on cornering
  17. g60jet

    Aircon'd Glove Box

    No pics yet, Need to test it on a hot day, runs off the aircon system via a pipe into the back of it. fits with three bolts/screws, its a gloxe box out job to fit, but its really easy I'll take some pics soon, as it takes up the whole lower glove box
  18. g60jet

    Aircon'd Glove Box

    I've just retro fitted the aircon'd glove box. What an easy mod. Hardest part was waiting for the parts. 8E2862807 COOL BOX 8E2816311 AIR HOSE 8E0820701 OUTLET VALVE N 909365 03 X3 BOLTS £101 BUT LOOKS:cold: NICE.
  19. g60jet

    Audi a4 b7 Headlight protectors

    I've got a set on my B7, easy to fit and remove. i didnt need to do anything to the bumper to gete mine to fit
  20. g60jet

    Wiper Stalk for DIS?

    you'll also need to earth off one of the pins on the back of the instrument cluster otherwise you'll have the washer bottle fluid level light on all the time. Or buy the sensor and wire it in.