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    B5 RS4 register

    Excellent! Thanks for that, now I can check there are no duplicates from cars that have had plates changed over the years
  2. dest

    B5 RS4 register

    I am trying to put together a very basic register, mainly to see how many of each colour there are. If anyone has or had a B5 RS4 could you please either PM me a photo or post one on this thread, the number plate must be shown or it will not be possible to be included. Any that have been written...
  3. dest

    RS4 Pick Up

    9k is sensible money for an RS4 at the moment! To get much more than that you need to have a very special one. I paid £9500 for mine and it already had a full Milltek, gutted downpipes, B7 RS4 brakes, Tanoga short shift, H&R ARB's front and back, MRC custom remap and upgraded oil cooler. It also...
  4. dest

    FMIC fitted

    No need for the aircon fan in the uk, it doesn't make any difference day to day. the only time it might do is on a very hot day if you had the climate on cold and you weren't moving. sonot really a problem in the uk!
  5. dest

    RS4 b5 progress thread

    For 480-500bhp you need to be looking at gutted downpipes or upgraded, fuel pump and a fresh remap. I fitted a front mount cooler to my S4 (running mainly RS4 engine) to crack 500bhp, it made a huge difference to the car
  6. dest

    Viewing an RS4 avant (B5) tomorrow

    Go armed with vagcom if you can, I viewed and RS4 on autotrader a week a go, and it showed up a fair few potentially expensive faults that would need sorting!
  7. dest

    Show us your bay

    An uptodate shot of mine
  8. dest

    Rear Blind

    How about getting another fog switch then carefully remove the face from the blind switch and put it on the fog one, then it would atleast sit on the same angle
  9. dest

    Show us your bay

    Ive changed the header tank for a nice new one since taking this
  10. dest

    double din stereo ??

    Yes it is different, its narrower as it has to sit lower down in console where its narrower
  11. dest

    FMIC fitted

    It was done by Aiden at Bahnstorm in Northampton
  12. dest

    FMIC fitted

    Cheers! I simply refuse to have pipes sticking out of the bumper on a front mount, they look rediculous
  13. dest

    FMIC fitted

    I didnt do it, but it was done with RS4 style mesh from ebay, its a near perfect match to the genuine RS4 grill mesh. Infact, it matches better than the grills from a genuine RS4 bumper! A few more pics for you:
  14. dest

    FMIC fitted

    I went for the CX Racing one, the end tanks and pipes are modified to allow for keeping all of the bumper grills Before, with RS4 coolers After, the oil cooler is now located where the nearside cooler was All finished! The difference is very noticable, it pulls so hard now, cant wait to get...
  15. dest

    just got a 20v 1.8t (150bhp) - got £2500 to spend on making it as fast as possible :)

    So your 1.8t with all mods declared is cheaper to insure than a standard or only remapped S4?
  16. dest


    Would of been even more of a win if you had of bought smooth Hammerite, it does exactly the same job and is a lot cheaper! ;)
  17. dest

    Rear lights

    Leave them as they are, its not a saxo ;)
  18. dest

    Bonnet Bra

    Aside from whether they actually do any protecting or not, looks wise they look completely ****!
  19. dest

    Tailpipes ??

    Twin round XS Power