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  1. Moranatang

    Tvs engineering

    The intake and elbow gain a bit more power. The gearbox stuff sounds the biz Clp in Sheffield are the closest to me and offer the ecu package as well on a bit of a deal
  2. Moranatang

    Tvs engineering

    I’m looking at going stage 1 as my warranty is about up has anyone used Tvs software there dsg software is suppose to the one and sorts out all the factory niggles and they also do a ecu package as well
  3. Moranatang

    Exhaust system

    Remus non-res
  4. Moranatang

    Severe kickdown lag

    It’s all back to standard before it went in to have to have the software done ? I went out the tech before it went in blaming everything else. It’s never had a map or jb4 so they don’t have a leg to stand on really !
  5. Moranatang

    Severe kickdown lag

    I’ve purchased it on a 4 year PCP brand new ! I’m guessing some rights with the finance ? I’ll await for Audi uk to contact me apparently should be within 48 hours
  6. Moranatang

    Severe kickdown lag

    This happens from 30 mph. The lag seems to be longer and it can only relate to the box. I’ll see how this case goes with Audi uk that dealer master tech is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard his excuse was if it’s not got anything on the computer we can’t fix it. He’s blamed a resonator...
  7. Moranatang

    Severe kickdown lag

    Is all honestly not really tried it in manual much. Its when you want to overtake slow traffic farm vehicles etc or on the motorway. If it’s shifting one gear it’s fine to from standstill it accelerates fine. The engine temperature and oil are up to temperature so oils above 90 oc
  8. Moranatang

    Severe kickdown lag

    I’m currently suffering from a Severe kickdown lag in either Sport or Drive. It’s got much worse over the past few months and the delay is average around 2 seconds. When you kickdown to accelerate the car revs up and it takes time to select gear the jolts forward and starts pulling. I’ve had it...
  9. Moranatang

    TVS Gearbox software

    Can i ask what kickdown is like in Dynamic is there any lag as currently mine is suffering from major lag it revs up and hesitates on the gear then finally selects the gear then goes. Which one did you go for Stage 2+ or just the driveability package
  10. Moranatang

    TVS Gearbox software

    Just wondering if anyone has TVS software on the Stronic box and wondering what its like compared to stock Ive seen CLP are my closet dealers anyone ever used them ?
  11. Moranatang

    S3 8V Exhausts

    Remus Non-res system really good quality and fitment and a range of tips. Sounds amazing
  12. Moranatang

    S3 Saloon arriving next week - security?

    I had an attempted theft of mine back in March we weren’t in at the time. The house alarm and big metal sliding electric gate didn’t deter them. As the cars not keyless they were looking for the keys which they didn’t find. They didn’t realise the house alarmed was monitored and the police were...
  13. Moranatang

    Wheel Alignment Leeds

    Lowered my S3 at the weekend on Eibach Sportlines wondering what’s the best place to get it aligned now
  14. Moranatang

    Facelift Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Leicester

    Prestine wheels in Milton Keynes will be able to do that they offer a carriage collection as well
  15. Moranatang

    Eibach Pro or Sportline Lowering springs

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on Either of these Eibach Springs
  16. Moranatang

    Res Delete, standard or something else

    Has anyone else used the progressive parts res delete i'm thinking about getting that
  17. Moranatang

    Might be buying my S3 today

    Car wow discount is on new car. If you Pick the right deal you can get a new one cheaper than used usually the interest rates are higher on used Audi approved. The end of this month will be a end of a quarter so if you can haggle a good deal on a new one. I bought mine off car wow you want two...
  18. Moranatang

    Lowering Springs with Magnetic Ride

    Just wondering what the most popular lowering springs people are using with Magnetic Ride.
  19. Moranatang

    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift A3/S3 8V In Here

    Yes it is comming from a GTD massive difference