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    a3 1.8t sport driving me mad

    How much for rear wiper motor if it hasn't seized
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    Low temperature running

    I wouldn't say a day, I managed to change mine without removing the alternator in an hour
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    Can anyone suggest a replacement set of head lights I can fit so I can run hids. Also I have heard you have to have head light washers
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    Temp guage

    i have changed the stat on mine and temp sensor, the temp gauge use to occassionally worm but dones even register now
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    rubbing metal sound

    After a bit of help, during the snow i noticed that if the front wheels spun at all there was the sound of two peices of metal spinning against each other. it definitly wasnt the noise of the wheels spinning gainst the snow/ice. i have also noticed it since if the wheels have spun in the wet. it...
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    Guys sorry if this is a repeat but pls advise me on my 1.8t agu can i fit HIDS in the standards headlights or will it fail an mot
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    water in foot well

    when i removed mine the strip that it clips into was full of crap. i cleaned it out with an old toothbrush and re fitted. it still doesnt hold in fush with the screen however it doesnt appear to be leaking any more
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    A3 dump Valve Querry

    this is the one i have fitted Racing Bypass Valve Type 25 - TurboXS brought mine in the uk tho
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    A3 dump Valve Querry

    i have a turbo xs diverter valve. had the same one on my golf and skoda occy and now the audi. never had any problems with it and its adjustable. with the air filter i have you get the whoosh noise but its not as loud as a full blow of valve
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    Anybody driven a3 3.2 V6?

    I can't remember if it was an a4 or a6 I drove at work with this engine it it was quick, handling wise I found u could throw it into a corner and it would come out the other side more than happy
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    electrical problem

    Right i found the fault and maybe useful if anyone else has the same problem in the future. turned out to be the new bulb was faulty that i fitted, there must have been some a short in it or something so basically as i replaced the 5 amp fuses it would then blow them. so new bulb fitted and new...
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    Rear washer

    Remove side panel in the boot, unplug disc changer if u have one. As u look at the sub box side on there's a bolt in the top right and bottom left from what I recal then with a bit of wiggling it should come out.
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    electrical problem

    hi all whilst driving tonight i had the warning light come up to say that there was a fault with one of my brake light bulbs. from when i brought the car there was a spare bulb kit in the car and so i replaced it there and then. then a little way down the road i got the warning light to say...
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    Window tinting opinions

    My mate works for a tinting company and does all my cars. He did my Audi windows in factory tint so it's the same darkness as u get when u request tints on a brand new car. On my wife's car it is staged very dark on the rear window and getting lighter along the sides.
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    99 1.8t won't start

    Yea battery is good thanks for everyone's answers
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    99 1.8t won't start

    Right recovery arrived and it turns out the starter is nackered
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    99 1.8t won't start

    So would u recommend taking it out opening it up and letting it dry over night
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    99 1.8t won't start

    Right have plugged the car in and I am getting error "internal control module error" and something to do with the rom
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    99 1.8t won't start

    it is an AGU. Could it be the starter motor. mine has had that screetching noise for a while that so many of the VAG engine have suffered from
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    99 1.8t won't start

    Just done the school run and when getting into car and starting it to come home it went to fire up but didn't. Tried again and absolutely nothing. The lights on the dash come on and u hear the fuel pump prime but there is nothing else not even an attempt to start. On the dash it has been...