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  1. Ibzzzzz

    I'm Back!

    Although i love the b6 and will have a hard time breaking it or selling it i just had that itch i needed to scratch this didnt help many lovely B5s about...i had to have another. This came along.. I had to have it... so here we are now.... Oh and i gave the b6 a leg...
  2. Ibzzzzz

    I'm Back!

    So....... Last year this silly woman thought to write off my car early hours of sunday morning...Resulting in a total loss. The damage on the outside was the front left door and the rear quarter had crumpled itself into the boot, the whole car needed a jig and wasnt worth the agro...
  3. Ibzzzzz

    I'm Back!

    Just seen a car that looks like mine..... .... aaaaah!
  4. Ibzzzzz

    I'm Back!

    Cheers guys, Tim? Bm? Whyyy??? although you have the sideways fun 99% where as us Quattro people can only enjoy when that 1% of snow has it way
  5. Ibzzzzz

    I'm Back!

    It's a different animal. Power is split to the rear as it should touching 300bhp and bags of torque! Them parts ok?
  6. Ibzzzzz

    I'm Back!

    well as some of you vultures may know i broke my s3 not so long ago and now am the proud owner of a late B5 S4...WOOOOP! had it since sept and loving itttt :D
  7. Ibzzzzz

    Boost gauge location/fitting examples please.

    I got headlining that I cut out of mine someone can have it if they pay the postage
  8. Ibzzzzz

    Constant Intermittant Rear Wiper

    If you need a stalk I got one here £5 + you pay the pal fees and it's in the post to you
  9. Ibzzzzz

    Problems with 4 wheel alignment this morning

    if you need any suspension bits let me know 07540153660 i got month old powerflex everything </shameless plug>
  10. Ibzzzzz

    out of the box and finally onto my car 3sdm 00.1 !!

    Looks bangin' now. (not that it didnt before) give it a few weeks n your shocks will get used to the new shorter spring and it will hunker down abit more. (spoke to the previous owner of mine)
  11. Ibzzzzz

    Treated the s3 to a new exhaust! jap style lol

    Chris do you still live down the road if so pop round mate 07540153660
  12. Ibzzzzz

    HOW TO: Fit cruise control to an A3 1.8T (pic heavy)

    Bit annoying that a light doesn't come to tell you that it's activated but it's a must have mod for sure
  13. Ibzzzzz

    HOW TO: Fit cruise control to an A3 1.8T (pic heavy)

    Did this in just under an hour.... One word of advice though douse your wipers in wd40 the night before. Or you'll do what I did a few year back with my a3 and crack the screen
  14. Ibzzzzz

    Fk coilovers please

    I presume these are coming with tracking can I get the number?
  15. Ibzzzzz

    Powerflex Bushes

    make usre you have both wheels in the air otherwise its headache getting the arb link back into the strut
  16. Ibzzzzz

    Fk coilovers please

    Finally purchased these today! thanks Damian
  17. Ibzzzzz

    Audi LED upgrade package

    Not the best pics but never the less Trups is the man.... Cheers maattte
  18. Ibzzzzz

    Audi LED upgrade package

    Hello mate a sent a payment on Saturday night via PayPal just wanted to confirm you recieved it cheers
  19. Ibzzzzz

    Something worth checking if hear creaking from rear

    Just got a set from John.... And they look so well engineered I cannot wait to whack them on.....and his S3 is noiiiiccceeee
  20. Ibzzzzz

    Any body got a vid/sound clip of their in line fuel pump working

    as a replacement for a faulty unit.