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    Worn Alcantatra trim on Spec ED.2.0T Q

    I have done 16k in my spec ed with alcantra goodies and to date nothing has worn off - I would chuck it back in an instant - we pay enough for these cars!!!
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    A4 TDI 170

    Yep, I've noticed the 14 degrees C too, very strange. I feel at the moment that my car is actually loosing power, it could be me just getting used to the power/torque but I am convinced that the car is not as responsive as it used to be, its due its first service in 2k, we'll see if anything...
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    A4 TDI 170

    I have the 2wd version Special Edition 170 and I know what you mean!! Useless under 2k on mine and nothing near the 1750 mark that Audi quote. I've taken to now driving it on A roads in no lower gear than 5th to keep it a bit more in the rev range. I also find that the car can be more...
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    Continental CS3's may be of interest?

    Guys, Just fitted another pair of new tyres to my B7 spec ed TDi. (235/40/18) The fitters at the tyre place informed me that the Conti Contact Sport 3's are now being produced in a special "R01" batch specifically for Audi's. I wonder if Audi have finally realised that tyre wear is...
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    57 Plate TDI170 S-LINE NOT HAPPY (HELP)

    Just browsed over from the A4 forum and I feel for you mate:sorry: If the car wasn't brand new, I would say crash damage and a shoddy repair - bonnet out of alignment, door dropped, poor sensitivity on wipers - all racks up to a front ender in my eyes - but then, if the car is new then this...
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    Diesel Engine Run In?

    Hi Guys, Just a quick word of comfort!! I have a 3 month old Spec Ed 170 tdi which has now covered nearly 10k (yes I do a lot of mileage!!) Run it in as per manual for the first 1000 miles with a few "squirts" above 3k, after the 1000 mark used full rev range and haven't looked back...
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    2.0 FSI Engine Query

    My 911 does the same, its to do with the engine vaccum that the car probably uses for idle and some sort of ignition advance (I know this is done electronically but the ECU must get its reading from somewhere)
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    Audi quattro 1.8 turbo question

    My 1.8t Avant (04 plater) is the same. I find that if the throttle is "fed-in" gradually then the car will pull like a train but floor it and you get this annoying flat spot. It feels like the torque curve rises quickly to 2k then flattens out to about 4.5k and then rises again up to red...