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  1. Adam Cumming

    Ibis White S3 Owner

    It’s been remapped, changed the air filter and different exhaust system, DPF back. Got the performance map put on it and still get over 60 mpg over 30 miles to work. Need to get it in a dyno but was told it would be around 200bhp and 425nm. Not bad for a little 2.0 TDi
  2. Adam Cumming

    Ibis White S3 Owner

    Yeah it’s Audi’s In The Park, last month. Just an S-Line Black Edition, usual stuff flat bottom steering wheel, leather seats, Bose and pano roof.
  3. Adam Cumming

    Ibis White S3 Owner

    Was you at AITP? Swear I have seen the car before, remember it because it nearly exactly the same as mine, white, sportback etc but mines a boring diesel. It'll be no where near as fun as the S3 but need a diesel due to 60 miles round trip to work everyday
  4. Adam Cumming

    Lowering springs

    I lowered my A S-line by 50mm on H&R springs and it sits perfectly and the ride hasn't been ruined either. I still find it comfortable
  5. Adam Cumming

    S3 side skirts on a standard A3 sportback help please

    They do fit and there is a guide somewhere to get them to fit correctly and what parts you need as well. I've been after a set for a while now but cane seem to find any for decent price, and a lot seem to be for the 3 door not the sportback. And all are the wrong colour so need panting.
  6. Adam Cumming

    In need of clarification with regards to lowering S-line Sportback

    They've been on mine for nearly three years now and I've had no issues with them. the ride is stiffer, car sits perfect in my opinion now. And I have no issues with speed bumps or multi-store car park. There is no scraping which I was surprised by as my old car scraped on everything. My car is...
  7. Adam Cumming

    In need of clarification with regards to lowering S-line Sportback

    Hello, I have the same car on a 12 plate, I wanted mine lowered so I got the 50mm lowering springs from H&R, so they dropped it an extra 30MM. They have been on for nearly three years and they are still going strong.
  8. Adam Cumming

    A3 2.0 TDI - What power and set-up is everyone using

    Regarding the remapping, I had my 2.0 TDi 140 done over two years ago now. Getting around 190-200-bhp and 425nm out of her now and I've not had to change the turbo or the clutch. Hopefully it'll stay that way a bit longer. I am hopefiny to get it on e roling road at some point this year as well...
  9. Adam Cumming

    S3 engine in an A3?

    Bit off topic but they are breaking an S3 sportback? Are the side skirts available? Been trying to get some of months and just cant seem to get my hands on any for a decent price. Also would be a amazing to see a build like this
  10. Adam Cumming

    Audi A3 2.0TDI Quattro 140hp ecu remap

    I had my 2.0 TDi 140 remapped nearly a year ago. I went with the power map, extra 50bhp and 105nm. Completely changed the car, its amazing. And even better I've had no issues with the turbo or clutch
  11. Adam Cumming

    S3 Side Skirts

    I didn't see them ones but it looks like the don't have the door blades. Ones I saw was the whole kit, with the fitting kit unused in black, think they was £475. I've had my A3 for two years now, and trust me it wasn't cheap when I got it. But it was the car I wanted for 4 years, nothing was...
  12. Adam Cumming

    S3 Side Skirts

    Would the A4/A5 style fit the A3? Think I might try and hold out for some genuine ones but the problem is they don’t come up for sale often, there is a set on eBay but they are ridiculously priced
  13. Adam Cumming

    S3 Side Skirts

    Hi all, I’ve been after some S3 Side skirts for a while now, I’d love to get genuine but I don’t think funds would allow for they for a while But I did find these:
  14. Adam Cumming

    Audi 8P S3 Sideskirt Retrofit Installation Guide (**PIC HEAVY**)

    Where did you get yours from? I cant seem to find anyone online, don't fancy having to go to Audi direct
  15. Adam Cumming

    New headunit ?

    I was looking at the pumpkin unit show above but will they work with Bose?
  16. Adam Cumming


    I was thinking the same thing. Wow Just show what you can do with the right tools, know how and money.....can I borrow £20 btw
  17. Adam Cumming

    Audi A3 - Vibration problem

    They said the tyres we're ma bit low which might have caused the problem, had the front two changed along with one rear as they had been on since Nov 2016. Seemed find to start with but still does it at times. Even took the car in for MoT at Doncaster Audi on Friday and they didn't even notice...
  18. Adam Cumming

    Audi A3 - Vibration problem

    I've been having something like that with mine. When accelerating there is a vibrating from the front of the car and it seems to hesitate, does it in all year but only when accelerating. I couldn't think of the issues so took to the garage, they looked it over and didn't find anything. But it...
  19. Adam Cumming

    Why are the rear diffuser options so poor?

    I found this one, which says it fits S-Line and none S-Line models