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  1. J

    Pioneer CarPlay Headunit, has anyone got one fitted yet?

    Park up in Bradford and leave it for ten minutes. They'll have it out for you in a flash.
  2. J

    Anyone ever put MK2 TTS wheels on an A3?

    As per the title, wondering if these would fit? Car currently has black edition Le Mans 18" wheels on. The wheels I've been offered are 9 x 18 ET52 CB57.1 I can find the spec of the Le Mans rims but I think this makes these TT wheels 1 inch wider and with a different offset? Presuming they...
  3. J

    Pentagon Supaglass

    Has anyone got any real life experience of this stuff? The clips on YouTube look impressive.
  4. J

    RNS-E theft prevention measures, suggestions?

    As I'm sure you're all aware theft of the RNS-E units from our cars is becoming rife. Audi seem to have little interest in this as the unit will be phased out when the new A3 arrives. If anybody has heard of any theft prevention measures for the unit then I think it'd be a good idea to share...
  5. J

    ESP Fault please see owners manual

    I'm almost certain this is the message I've just started seeing on start up. Like the OP, mine flashes up for less then half a second - hardly enough time to read it, along with the warning tone. The car starts and runs normally and no warning lamps come on. In my other thread (Weird DIS...
  6. J

    Weird DIS message.

    This is a bit odd. Took the 3.2 for it's AVS the other day. Just had standard stuff plus new front pads. Since getting it back the DIS has been intermittently throwing up an odd message on start up with the alert tone. Trouble is it shows for less than half a second and I can't read it...
  7. J

    Shell V-Power in a 3.2

    Good idea or massive waste of money? Have been giving it a try but not really noticed any great difference. A few BHP increase in that engine isn't really going to be noticeable in day to day driving is it? Hasn't really altered economy either. Interested to hear the thoughts/experiences of...
  8. J

    Xenon and Bi-Xenon... differences?

    Right, waited for it to get dark then had a play with my lights (pretty rock n roll lifestyle eh?). They definitely do the u/d/l/r thing on switch on but there's no movement when I turn the wheel on main or dipped. What's that all about then?
  9. J

    Xenon and Bi-Xenon... differences?

    Result!! That's cheered me up ahead of the afternoon! Know what you mean about the washers. My Mrs thinks they are far cooler than the V6 or any other feature my car has!
  10. J

    Xenon and Bi-Xenon... differences?

    Things I've learned from this thread.... ..... looks like my car has bi xenons rather than just xenons. Never knew that - pleased I didn't add them to my upgrade list now Nige! They also do the up/down, left/right thing when turned on. Does that mean they're adaptive too? Finding out your...
  11. J

    S3 MPG advice

    Where did you find a 40 mile stretch of DC which was entirely downhill Paddy?
  12. J

    Moving away soon but still about at odd times!!!!!!!

    Good luck. Thanks for the help/advice when I was looking for a 3.2. You're right - they're brilliant cars!
  13. J

    Have I bought some dodgy snowfoam?

    Ordered myself a snowfoam lance and some foam solution to give this foaming thing a try. Ordered from - good price and delivery times. Went for a bottle of their own brand foam and was a bit disconcerted to read on the bottle that it's classed as harmful and has limited...
  14. J

    3.2 SB owners - what tyre pressures are you using?

    Thanks Paddy, the car currently has Michelin Exaltos all round. They've got about 3mm left so it won't be too long until it's time for a new set. I think I'll back off from the 44 all round as the car is usually lightly loaded and it's made the ride noticeably harsher. Maybe front 41 and rear...
  15. J

    3.2 SB owners - what tyre pressures are you using?

    There seems to be a bit of variety in the tyre pressures given for this car on the fuel flap sticker. My sticker gives several options for 17" wheels but for the 18" wheels the only option is 44psi all round (the pictures show that for a fully loaded car, with no option for a lighter load)...
  16. J

    the good ,the bad ,and the fugly - My experience of my new a3 3.2Q dsg so far :-)

    Thanks Paddy, I've just checked again and mine gives 4 potential pressures. 3 of these are for 17" wheels with varying loads. The other is for the 18" and gives 44psi all round. I agree it seems high though.
  17. J

    the good ,the bad ,and the fugly - My experience of my new a3 3.2Q dsg so far :-)

    A quick thread hijack while so many knowledgable 3.2 owners are in the same place....... Just to check I'm reading the tyre pressure chart correctly, have I got it right that for a 3.2 SB on 18" wheels the inflation pressure is 44 PSI all round? Checked mine for the first time since picking...
  18. J

    the good ,the bad ,and the fugly - My experience of my new a3 3.2Q dsg so far :-)

    Paddy, Is this an inevitable fault with this engine then or do some people just have bad luck?
  19. J

    Hi Matt Thanks for getting back to me, I've arranged for Nigel to come an fit a few bits to the...

    Hi Matt Thanks for getting back to me, I've arranged for Nigel to come an fit a few bits to the car so hopefully he'll be able to fit me some rear lights then too. Thanks for offering to help out though. Jon
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    SDS Woes