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  1. wnjuk

    Sick car :(

    Cheers! I will have a look around tomorrow
  2. wnjuk

    Sick car :(

    Had my first major problem with my car today (been 3 years). Basically whilst driving on a dual carriage way, I started to loose power. Managed to pullover into a lay-by and the car just died. Tried starting it and it would idle for about 2 seconds then just die. Lucky for me I have AA cover so...
  3. wnjuk

    g12++ Coolant

    its the same colour and it is fine to mix with the existing coolant but mix it with water first as above.
  4. wnjuk

    Projektzwo BodyKit Fitting

    Suspension is next on the agenda!
  5. wnjuk

    Projektzwo BodyKit Fitting

    Some more pictures:
  6. wnjuk

    Projektzwo BodyKit Fitting

    I got the front & rear valance and 1 side skirt for £60 off ebay. Was hunting around for another set of side skirts for ages then someone off ebay was breaking a 1.8 T which had both side skirts. I paid £40 for those. i did find this on ebay, which looks very similar to the front valance...
  7. wnjuk

    Projektzwo BodyKit Fitting

    Bodykit now fitted :cool: Will post some more pictures at the weekend. :icon_thumright:
  8. wnjuk

    White S3 anyone?

    I saw this the other day. Didn't get a chance to have a close look at it but did look nice.
  9. wnjuk

    Which Wheels Should I Get HELP

    out of those three, stay with current wheels :icon_thumright:
  10. wnjuk

    audi a3 miles

    1998 1.8T (AGU) 71000 miles. 1 owner, full service history
  11. wnjuk

    splitter and custom grill fitted to my A3

    Looking good! :icon_thumright:
  12. wnjuk

    A3 Rear Bumper Removal It's for the S3 but its the same as the A3. Hope this helps!
  13. wnjuk

    Audi A3 turbo

    lol. I would like to get mine back on the rollers again, hopefully this year. Was pushing 180bhp at the time but i must admit it does feel a lot quicker since then!
  14. wnjuk

    The reason for choosing your remap provider?

    Had my remap done by Chipped UK, Bromsgrove. Was part of a rolling road/remap day. Had it done over a year now and the car has been great. Always puts a smile on my face :icon_thumright:
  15. wnjuk

    Remap vs Suspension

  16. wnjuk

    Audi A3 turbo

    My car (1998 AGU) was only pushing 140 bhp when I had it on the rollers, just over a year ago. Not bad considering it is over 10 years old!
  17. wnjuk

    What I've been up to with my A3 tdi sport..(pics)

    excellent wheel choice!
  18. wnjuk

    What is this warning light ?

    I think it's to do with the speed setting. You can set a maximum speed and if you go over it, it beeps.
  19. wnjuk

    The Definitive Cheap Ebay Coilover Thread (Jamex) With" how to"guide

    Excellent write up :applaus: I'll be looking to lower mine at some point this year and this will definitely come in handy!