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  1. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Slim's 10% off weekend?

    Hey! Thanks for the tag. We will have Valetpro Pre Wash back in stock Tuesday, so I've tricked the system so it shows as in stock now to buy. Hydro2 Lite however won't be in till late next week or the one after. Happy to do a similar magic trick if you are ok with a slight delay in getting a...
  2. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Audi-Sport Offer from Slim's

    We can do it still, we're out of the original shirt but have the Speed shop one instead. If you want one, DM me your order number and I'll get it sorted :)
  3. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Ultimate Compound, Swirl X or...

    As has been mentioned above Meguiar's Ultimate Compound with the matching microfibre pads is a good option, then a finishing polish or wax. A better option for deeper swirls and scratches is Meguiar's 105 & 205 compounds. Be slightly cautious with harsher polishes though, modern Audi paint is...
  4. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Audi-Sport Offer from Slim's

    Hey, We're not specifically running that at the moment, we're all out of those t-shirts. However, if you spent over £50 I'll include a Slim's/Penguin Speed shop t-shirt for you if you like - just let us know your size in the comments box...
  5. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Black Friday

    Not a problem @Golfather - Enjoy! :)
  6. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Black Friday

    Not a problem, you've got some cracking items in that bundle coming your way. Give me a shout if you need any more help at all :) Matt.
  7. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Black Friday

    Morning guys & gals, I know a few have been in touch about this, as is now an annual custom - everyone does their shopping on just one day in November :grimacing:. Just to let you know we've joined the masses, and we are running our biggest ever sale this Black Friday weekend, with 20% off...
  8. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Engine bay cleaning

    That's a good point, the use of a pressure washer is more suited to newer engines, that have a lot more protection of those sensitive areas. So, yeah to be on the safe side using an APC through a spray bottle will help you control things better. Rinsing off with a hose will give you less risk...
  9. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Engine bay cleaning

    You've got a few options here. In terms of products you only need the following, an all purpose cleaner, detailing brush, a dressing & microfibres. We put together a video with Auto Finesse on how to clean an engine bay with a pressure washer & lance should you wish to go down that route. See...
  10. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Quick detailers

    Some of that is crazy cheap, worth a shot just for that! It's a good point, some QD's offer very little in difference from the next. Ones that stand out are Dodo Juice Red Mist and Chemical Guys Vintage Speed Wipe. The latter being just lovely to apply for a quick high gloss finish.
  11. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Iron-x /decontaminator for paint/bodywork?

    Carpro IronX is safe to use on paint, also they do TarX which is great at getting stubborn tar spots. One tip, hold tight if you can till Black Friday - there will be bargains to have at all the retailers, ourselves included ;)
  12. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Audi-Sport Offer from Slim's

    Hi guys, hope you are all well. We have an update here ( on the Paypal problem (we've got to the bottom of it!) plus a range of upgrades and changes we're rolling out next month. Appreciate your...
  13. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    [Nov 21, 2015] TeamSport Karting Leeds - CHARITY Karting Event for Ben (Leeds)

    No problems guys - a great cause. Have a great time! :) Matt.
  14. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Halloween at Slim's

    Hey Paul, Sorry I missed this over the weekend. I'm looking into this today, I'll drop you a PM with some details if you wanted to order at later stage. There's a couple of areas we're addressing, we had some problems with Paypal, that we thought we had resolved. Sagepay, is a new one. We...
  15. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Traffic Film Remover

    Quite right. If you have a good layer of protection from a quality wax or sealant, the snow foam process can be really effective. The less time coming into contact with the car the better for avoiding light scratches or swirls, snow foam on a protected surface should do a lot of the work for you.
  16. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    leather fetish

    Gliptone leather cleaner is excellent, I'd also recommend Gtechniq L1 for protection. :)
  17. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Halloween at Slim's

    Afternoon all, Long time no speak, my bad! We're going through some dev work at the moment & working on some more guides and content for next year. I've had a few messages in the last week, and advised a few people to hold tight on any big orders...simply because, we've launched a big...
  18. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Jet Seal over wax coating?

    It does look good! Yeah, you should be ok. Meguiar's paint cleaner will have taken off the last of your previous wax. Jet seal will last you a long old time as well, especially with two layers. Ready for winter!
  19. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Pitted A pillar trims - why and how ?

    I use Carpro PERL on my S1 for rubbers & trim. It works on plastic, engine bays, rubber & leather (Hence why it's called PERL!). Keeps the colour nicely, offers a good protective coating and it is nice and easy to apply.
  20. Matt@Slim'sDetailing

    Alloy Deep Clean - Products and Advice?

    I'd second that, it's the best selling wheel cleaner we have - for very good reason! Ironx will tackle most of the job, it's PH balanced so won't damage the wheels either. However, given the strength of it, i'd recommend something like Valetpro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner for regular cleaning &...