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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

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    Hi from Lincolnshire

    Hi Lincolnshire also & my 1st Audi too A5 3.0tdi had since April
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    Best Tyre Dressing

    Kleenfreaks do a good one
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    Show us pics of your Audi leather seats..........

    Half leather & still brilliant considering 182k miles, A5 3.0tdi Quattro
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    What colour calipers?

    Mine isn't an s line looks the part with the 19" Rotors & rs5 grill I like the grey backing on the sline ones
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    What colour calipers?

    Did mine black too, & rotors powder coated gloss anthracite
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    Newish member A5 sport 3.0 tdi Quattro

    Grill fitted, crash bar sprayed black, really happy how easy it worked out & looks
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    I got a black BM, she got a white TT

    1.@Daveotto Sepang Blue S3 and Pepper White Mini One 2. @Scottyg Floret Silver A3 and Pepper White mini One 3. Oliver Fish Riviera Blue S3 and Midnight Black Mini One 4.@StevieS3 Mythos Black S3 and Black Mini Cooper S JCW Coupe 5.Eldiablo dolphin A3 Sport and BMW 420d convertible white 6.@pburv...
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    Show Us Your Snow Foam Pics

    k'a'ercher using Kleenfreaks Snow Foam [emoji300]
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    Newish member A5 sport 3.0 tdi Quattro

    Hi had my A5 2 months now been on now signed up on here too Done a few mods since got it, 19" Rotors powder coated gloss grey, 20mm rear spacers, updated mmi to latest version, updated sat nav to 2016 maps, led fogs & boot light strip, R8 oil cap, calipers gloss black with S-Line...
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    First A5, looking for tips on improvements.

    Nice motor [emoji106] looking at getting a grill from they look cooler