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  1. mac1403

    Tyre fitment

    Just had all 4 tyres replaced on my 2020 fl RS3 sb at Audi. I realise a lot of people prefer the Michelin but decided to stay with the P Zero. Anyway, my question is…. They have fitted RO1 tyres to the rear as per the originals. The front 255/30/19 tyres have no rim protection. I was under the...
  2. mac1403

    Brake fluid change

    Hi Guys Just had my 2020 RS3 serviced. A month late but it’s the second service since new. Dealer is saying I have to get the brake fluid changed and even though it’s had it’s inspection service won’t turn off the service light. As far as I was aware brake fluid is due after 3 years, then every...
  3. mac1403

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    13 years old and still like new
  4. mac1403

    Too much oil

    That’s a cold dip. Wiped and dipped again. Bare in kind I have also lost oil driving home from the dealer and whilst sat in the garage. Leads me to believe it was very over filled initially. ****** off that a dealer could be so negligent. Had a cam belt and water pump. Haldex and brake fluid...
  5. mac1403

    Too much oil

    My concern is I drive 75 miles home with it like that. Will call them tomorrow and see what they say. Very disappointed a main dealer did this. Even more disappointed at the amount of damage to the seals, cat that could have happened
  6. mac1403

    Too much oil

    Just came back from a dealer major service. Noticed a oil leak on the garage floor. Checked the oil and found this...wonder how much damaged has been caused
  7. mac1403

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

  8. mac1403

    Coolant temp

    Thanks, will get it booked in tomorrow. Didn’t seem right to me
  9. mac1403

    Coolant temp

    No the water temp gauge. Not sure where the aircon vents to, but there was also a damp patch under the l/h near the front when I just looked. Coolant level is just above min but there are no drips underneath.
  10. mac1403

    Coolant temp

    Thanks for the reply. Just never seen temps go that hot thought. Strange bit is the fluctuating temp whilst driving normally. Anywhere.between 90-100 degrees is what it shows. My S3 just stays on 90 degrees when driving.
  11. mac1403

    Coolant temp

    Any of you guys noticed your water temperature moving all over the place. Today was the first warm day I’ve had the car and got stuck in traffic. Temp went through the roof (108 degrees). No warning lights on at all. Since then I have been checking the gauge and noticed the temp moves all over...
  12. mac1403

    Insurance Renewal.

    Hi all. Haven't been around for a while, but hopefully get back in the swing of things again LOL. Anyway I was wondering if anyone had an answer to this question, because none of the insurance reps did. My renewal for the S3 has just come up, problem is a month ago I was hit off my bike (only a...
  13. mac1403

    LED BOSE Speaker Grilles

    These were not as expensive when I fitted them. They were 45 Euro. Anyway, here is the original link which explains where the power comes from. I took mine from the electric window lighting switch.....not the illuminated door light...
  14. mac1403

    LED BOSE Speaker Grilles

    Like these. Fitted them a couple of years ago
  15. mac1403


    I have been using this from Halfrauds since getting mine well Halfords | Muc Off Optix Pack
  16. mac1403

    A3 Folding Mirrors

    Had the same thing happen to me. I spec'd folding mirrors and it didn't come with them. Dealer said they couldn't be retro fitted, but after a few calls to various other dealers found out they could be done for £640. Humble pie from my dealer and they were fitted in a day LOL. They did offer the...
  17. mac1403


    Spoke to my dealer last weekend and he assured me the RS3 would be released in 18 months time on the present platform, but it would only be available as a sport back....not so sure!!
  18. mac1403

    Paint transfer!

    Should just come off with something like megs scratch-x. I wouldn't recommend using wet and dry though unless you have a DA