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  1. Molnboman

    EML fault code P0006 Lamda sensor?

    For the record....the front O2 sensor is a six pin connector....the rear is a four pin on BGB engined 2.0t's. Cheers A
  2. Molnboman

    Dual mass advice

    I don't think it's your should feel the DMF trying to disintegrate itself in 1st and 2nd gear early on through the revs as it get's serious aggro from torque of the engine. Can't comment on the oil pump theory. Good luck finding the cause. BR A
  3. Molnboman

    EML fault code P0006 Lamda sensor?

    Hej Guys, think my bus has thrown it's lamda sensor. Had this fault code P0006 and pretty sure it's the lamda sensor. Anyone know if the BGB engine 2.0t has the 4 or 5 pin connector? Thanks in advance BR Allan
  4. Molnboman

    Dual mass advice

    Don't think there is one! hahaha. You can buy different brands of clutch kit and dmf from what I remember. Just don't buy a cheapo brand. Do some shopping around but buying cheap kits is a false economy. You don't want to be doing that job more than once! BR A
  5. Molnboman

    Misty rear light

    Honest's a 5 minute job to remove it. Just be careful not to break the two lugs keeping the cluster hard in to the body., other than that it is easy Mucker. BR A
  6. Molnboman

    newbie looking to buy

    +1 with Soot, unless you are doing stellar mileage you may get more reliability out of a petrol imho....but don't let us put you off. May be wrong, but best to go for the latest model that you can afford....earlier diesels are problematic. Check out Honest John website reviews.....some good...
  7. Molnboman

    Misty rear light

    Easy enough to wip out to check.....there's a seal around the light cluster which may be fitted incorrectly.....should be an easy fix ( famous last words ) BR A
  8. Molnboman

    A4 2.0tfsi BGB

    Nice one, yes my DV was one of the first thing I changed as the original valve was completely knackered. I just knew it had gone cause it had the pace of a snail for a 200 bhp bus! The revised standard DV is fit for purpose too these days. BR A
  9. Molnboman

    Pics of your wheels (sticky perhaps?)

    Just stuck my OEM 19's on for the Summer running Kumho Ecsta 235/35's. I have since been reliably'ish informed that these are not RS4 wheels but RS4 style for the A6. Either way a lot better than those 17's. Cheers A
  10. Molnboman

    My a4 :)

    Hej Tom, welcome to the Forum. Looks like you have doing some tweaking already! Good Luck, BR A
  11. Molnboman

    Main dealer servicing, surely not worth continuing is it?

    Newer auto are much better than previous still go manual if it was my own cash right enough! Back to your original thread....I think it's academic after the 3 or 5 year warranty is up or if your car has done stellar mileage. As long as there plenty of hustory and everything matches...
  12. Molnboman

    Clunk/ knock when braking please help :(

    Also I know this sounds ****** stupid....but if you can get a Mate to follow you you are driving along in a carpark / off road somwhere... with his ear towards the bottom of your car, to pinpoint where the clunk is coming from ....I know it sounds bizarre and humungously...
  13. Molnboman

    would you use tesco oil ?

    I probably would, but change it after 6k Miles tops. I'd use any fully synth 5w 30 I can get my mitts on up here! Cheers A
  14. Molnboman

    Clunk/ knock when braking please help :(

    Every now and again, especially if the car had been sitting for a bit I have terrible trouble with discs and pads fouling up and I need to get the pads removed....clean em up and put them back together again...especially the rears....I recall having the same issue back in 2012 when I bought my...
  15. Molnboman

    Clunk/ knock when braking please help :(

    Hej Does the sound stop after you touch the pedal? Have you checked the clips that hold the pads in place.....have you removed the pads and checked them out recently. BR A
  16. Molnboman

    Saloons and Roof Racks...

    Pffff Roof...... Why?!!!! hahahaha....I managed to fit a fullsize upright Freezer inside the old Bus last year.....was mightily impressed with that! Cheers A
  17. Molnboman

    Engine oil for 2.0 TFSI A4

    Am up in Sweden Mate, and I use any good fully synth 5W 30 my garage has on offer at the time. I do a oil and filter change every 6k Miles regardless of time. Oh, and I have been using a Dimplex magnetic sumpplug from Motorsport Developments for the last 2 years. Cars now on 253,000kms....runs...
  18. Molnboman

    Q5 2.0tdi buying advice

    Thanks Kanecullen89. I managed to get a full VAG work / inspection report from friend of a friend on this car, and the vehicle looks clean with no major mechanical or insurance work carried out on it. I am just a bit freaked about buying an oil burner again, after getting my fingers severely...
  19. Molnboman

    Q5 2.0tdi buying advice

    42 views with no the 2.0tdi is faultless then?....Wow!:eek:
  20. Molnboman

    Q5 2.0tdi buying advice

    Hello Looking to buy a used 2010 CAJA/CJCA Engine, 2.0 tdi 8R. Anything I need to be looking out for. Car has done 110k miles and should have had regular services. Any pointers would be most welcome. Cheers A