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  1. IanFM

    Advise on A5 buying

    I have a 3.0tdi Stronic preface lift and love it. My daily commute gets 35-40mpg depending on traffic and I can get 43-45mpg on a decent run if cruising between 70-80.
  2. IanFM


    Followed for miles on the m74 by an 02 plate silver tt any of you guys?
  3. IanFM

    Please help! Blown turbo advice..

    A new intercooler seems a rather extreme solution to oil in it!
  4. IanFM

    parking sensors

    Good chance it is one of the sensors itself.
  5. IanFM

    avant 1.9 tdi best gearbox

    How many miles has is done? That seems like very strong money.
  6. IanFM

    avant 1.9 tdi best gearbox

    The 6 speed has a bigger cluch plate and as such can take more torque if you are planning on upping the power.
  7. IanFM

    repair work advice needed

    Hi. What age is the car and where are you located? I recently had a front end respray (bumper, bonnet and wings) stine chips to the bonnet and 2 small cracks on the bumper repaired. Both audi approved bodyshops i took it tot insisted that the bumper needed replaced at an additional cost of...
  8. IanFM

    A4 B6 Valuation will give you a starter for 10. Also see what other similar ones are going for on autotrader/ebay.
  9. IanFM

    Please help! Blown turbo advice..

    Did you get the car into a garage?
  10. IanFM

    TDI Clutch recomendation.

    Hi I had this kit fitted to mine for about a year before i got rid I was only running about 175bhp but this felt like stock with the organic clutch plate...
  11. IanFM

    Attendee list Happy Campers

    A bit like me at knockhill lol!
  12. IanFM

    Hello Peeps!

    I guess I know why my tyre was losing air...... [/URL]
  13. IanFM

    BTCC Knockhill

    I was thinking about getting a camping ticket and just heading up on the friday night saves having to fight the traffic over the weekend.
  14. IanFM

    Newbie saying Hi!

  15. IanFM

    BTCC Knockhill

    Right folks. Think I've just had my pass signed to head up for this on 22nd/23rd August so who else is going? Mini meet maybe?
  16. IanFM

    Please help! Blown turbo advice..

    Also a possibility if its chucking oil into the intake.
  17. IanFM

    Please help! Blown turbo advice..

    How long have you run it since you refitted everything? Did you change the oil and filter at least once since? Did you take the intercoolers and associated pipework off and clean them out before fitting the new turbo? If you didn't at best they will be full of oil and thats whats burning off...
  18. IanFM

    fitting double din in place of single din

    You can trim down single din heater controls to fit but you need a double din cage/frame fitted which if i remember correctly is a centre console out job.
  19. IanFM

    Hello Peeps!

    Grille fitted over the weekend.
  20. IanFM

    Glad to be back!

    Nice looking car (not quite as nice as the s5 but i might be biased and wishing mine was an 's') good to have some locals!