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  1. s3 Hoggy

    S3 colour?

    Blimey! quote me on something I said 6 years ago... I stand by it! I think it looks great! I don't think that interior would suit a more normal colour like black, noggy, silver or ming blue but on that Papaya it sets it off nicely!
  2. s3 Hoggy

    Fading trim on front rear bumpers how to recon

    well done that man! I think thats the first time I've ever seen a colour code for our grey trims! I don't actually need it now but was looking in the past and gave up. I replaced bits instead! please put some pics up when you've painted some bits buddy will be a great help for others
  3. s3 Hoggy

    Which adjustable tie bars?
  4. s3 Hoggy

    Show us your steering wheels !

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that was an option from the factory mate as I viewed a couple of cars with them on when I was buying mine.
  5. s3 Hoggy

    Show us your steering wheels !

    Any pics of yours Nige? sounds interesting!
  6. s3 Hoggy

    Stop the clock...Start the thread-My baby is home

    Once you rip it all apart, I'll bring mine round so you can work out where all the parts are supposed to go back to Tim!
  7. s3 Hoggy

    Stop the clock...Start the thread-My baby is home

    What terrible luck Tim! Ive told Corrie she'll be either seeing a lot more of you, or a lot less of you depending on what you decide to do! Did you inspect the turbo when you fitted the Forge TIP?
  8. s3 Hoggy

    What have you done today?

    Saloon yes! But I think I prefer the 5 door in the 8v, hers is the 310 s-tronic black edition and it really is quite a car! But then anybody could go a out and buy a brand new S3 but it takes a 'special' kind of person to plough money in to a 15 year old S3...
  9. s3 Hoggy

    What have you done today?

    So I now officially have the worst S3 in our family.... Just been out for a good drive in my sisters new car and all I can say is wow! Such a nice drive! Sounds Great! And a pic in the daylight
  10. s3 Hoggy

    Wheel Spacers for Brembo GT junior This thread may be of some help mate
  11. s3 Hoggy

    What other seats will fit my s3

    You would want to fit the RS4 seats from the Convertible or the option Recaros from the 8P S3. Good luck finding a set in good nick that don't cost more than your car! Have no idea if they fit? I was working for a guy who had his seats stolen from his RS4 twice and attempted a third time before...
  12. s3 Hoggy

    Clutch Suggestions.

    Ha! That was quite good for you Tim!
  13. s3 Hoggy

    Clutch Suggestions.

    No worries pal to be honest I've gone for this set up as I'm very tempted to go hybrid turbo. I did actually save up to do it last year was all set had a shopping list and everything! but with the money just begging to be spent I made a rash desision and bought another watch lol!
  14. s3 Hoggy

    good video (contains fast 8p)

    That gobshite in the silly hat will kill somebody soon enough driving like that in traffic! what a gimp!
  15. s3 Hoggy

    Clutch Suggestions.

    Hello mate I've had the uprated sachs performance kit fitted twice (it was called sachs Organic by the company who fitted them) but they haven't lasted me at all. Im guessing its the way I drive and traffic that kills them. I now have the standard cover plate that audi supply, I'm not sure if...
  16. s3 Hoggy

    Gops' Subtle mod thread

    Mate!!!!! So sad to see this! Glad to hear your ok could of been a lot worse in that monster! Is there no way you can go through insurance? I think you should buy that tidy Misano S3 on here thats in need of a new turbo...
  17. s3 Hoggy

    RB S3 Thread

    I would love to buy this as a project! my mrs would have my bolllocks on a stick though!
  18. s3 Hoggy

    Coilovers/lowering shocks/springs??

    A lot of guys on here run Bilstein B8's and a decent quality spring (usually H&R or Eibach) I run Koni FSD shocks and H&R springs. The ride quality is very good, Firm but not crash. Not sure how much 'stance' your looking for but this is how my car sits
  19. s3 Hoggy

    Stop the clock...Start the thread-My baby is home

    Ha! Not guilty! Seriously bad luck mate, so I take it that oily fluid is what came out of that compressor?
  20. s3 Hoggy

    Stop the clock...Start the thread-My baby is home

    blimey! whats happened there?