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  1. scott b

    Transmission oil change interval..

    and to make it easier to change use a fluid transfer pump, trying to get oil back into the gear box using the standard bottles is a right ****
  2. scott b

    Wiring cigarette lighter socket to mains

    easiest way would be to get a pre wired socket, wire it into the fuse box on the car using a splade terminal, just test for an ignition feed and put the other wire to earth, and hide the extra socket behind the panel or in the fuse box, also saves chopping the plug of the camera aswell, ive done...
  3. scott b

    Parking sensors

    the cobra are the same kit as factory spec near enough
  4. scott b

    dc xmas cruise 8/12/12

  5. scott b

    Towbar Removal

    to just remove the neck the bumper can stay on, saves a lot of messing about
  6. scott b

    Towbar Removal

    looking at where the sockets mount that part of the towbar will unbolt, and just push the sockets into the bumper so there out of sight
  7. scott b

    S4 ARB and Spacer Questions

    as above did the arb the other week on mine, defo handels better, but the big test will be in a few weeks when it goes on track!
  8. scott b

    Towbar Removal

    most A4 towbars you can just remove the neck of the bar, or attack the towbar with a grinder
  9. scott b

    Remap don't !!!

    what area so i know avoid
  10. scott b

    Trax 2012

    all ready on another stand but will look out for you guys
  11. scott b

    radio code

    hi is there anyway to get the radio code for a standard headunit than going to a main dealer, would vagcom give it me or not, cheers
  12. scott b

    Upgrading to 312mm brake help

    b5 you require spacers for the front wheels but 3.0l v6 tdi b6 have 312 mm brakes
  13. scott b

    Gearbox oil change advice

    its a bit fiderly getting the oil back into the box as access is limited. be a ball ache to do on axle stands. luckerly i have a workshop to use
  14. scott b

    Forgive me ASN as I have sinned

    facebook link to northwest convoy Log in | Facebook
  15. scott b

    Forgive me ASN as I have sinned

    as above will be heading down with ste and a few others from the northwest! went to southend one in may aswell, luckerly that was at the companys expense as i had a job on down there that day. but this time its at my cost, still only works out £15-£20 each in fuel for the day/night (few ppl in...
  16. scott b

    B6 Avant 1.9tdi Quattro - 312 brakes

    if your using A3 callipers then youll need to botch the brake lines (plastic piping and cable tie it to the strut, ill be changing the calipers to the 3.0l v6 tdi ones along with the lines discs are the same, but check that the pads have 2 pad low warning sensors
  17. scott b


    they did mine aswell, got there at 4:30 PM left at around 10:00PM! my mates brother works there
  18. scott b

    The key to changing rear discs- A4 B6

    did mine last week, i just removed the lower carrier bolt and firced the carrier up out of the way, wasnt a bad job to do
  19. scott b


    message sent heres a pic of the one on mine, its not a hidden one but its a fair bit cheaper than a westfalia one:
  20. scott b

    235/40 18 Tyres

    im running bridgestones on mine, cant fault them