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  1. gldy_b

    First oil change

    My car is due for it first Oil Service decided to ring around my local garages all within 30 mins from me. BLACKBURN AUDI £253.47 PRESTON AUDI £255.48 MANCHESTER AUDI £386.40
  2. gldy_b

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    I have noticed something today. When you first start the car up it is noticeably louder then it quietens down. I normally drive mine in ‘individual’ mode with everything set to ‘Dynamic, except for the engine. It normally just sounds like anything but dynamic. What I have discovered is once you...
  3. gldy_b

    S5 or 440i Gran Coupe - opinions please

    S5 all the way. I was a bit like you. Couldn’t decide over the 440i or S5. The S5 stands out a lot more. BMW is very subtle you can only tell it’s a 440i by looking at the rear tailpipes whereas the S5 looks special. I went for the S5 in the end as like detailed below the 4 series is at end of...
  4. gldy_b

    Genuine Audi Sport Number Plate Surround/Holder

    Genuine Audi Sport Number Plate Surround Holder. Just to let you guys know look amazing available on eBay
  5. gldy_b

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    Has anybody actually got there's coded? Wouldn't want to travel the distance for then to be told ’can't be done’.
  6. gldy_b

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    How have you got on with this option?
  7. gldy_b

    New Audi A5/S5 picture thread

    :blacksunrays::blacksunrays: Beautiful. I’ve got the Mythos Black S5. I really wanted the Ara Blue but couldn't justify the 2.5k extra cost for the colour. Enjoy the beautiful car and colour... All you need now is the sun :blacksunrays:
  8. gldy_b

    How did this guy get a heated steering wheel on a UK S5?

    There was an option for heated steering wheel when the S5 was launched. I ordered my S5 in March 2017 and the option was available. I opted for the flat bottom wheel. The heated steering wheel is only available as a standard wheel. AUDI keep on changing the specs available to order another...
  9. gldy_b

    S5 Servicing Cost

    My car is coming up for its first visit to the dealership. Does anybody know what kind of cost is involved. I think the first one is only a oil change. Then it’s an inspection? Has anyone had there’s done? :blackrs4:
  10. gldy_b

    ODBeleven This guy can code the new S5 Video in motion activation Deactivate seat belt warning Deactivate stop/Start Option to deactivate the daytime running in the MMI head unit settings Activation of the parking light of the tail light to the LED Daylight...
  11. gldy_b

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    I use AUTOSOL
  12. gldy_b


    They do go that cheap grey colour. I apply back to black on mine. Going to get mine wrapped. Don’t think it should cost a lot!
  13. gldy_b


    I’ve now had my S5 sb for 3 months and I have loved it. Always looking for an excuse to drive it. 3 months on I only have 1 bug bear. I don’t know why Audi have done this. The plastic side skirt trim. I think thus looks poor. Got my car detailed and the plastic trim lets it down. I’m thinking of...
  14. gldy_b

    Window malfunction S5 SB

    I had this issue a few times at the beginning. It seems that if you don’t fully close your door the window goes out of sync. There is a sensor underneath the door. The window will need to be reset. Every time I now make sure I properly close my door and it is working fine. Best thing to do if...
  15. gldy_b

    Window malfunction S5 SB

    Now I never thought of that.... this is going to be a real issue.
  16. gldy_b

    MPG just going up and up

    Just a short trip today in the S5
  17. gldy_b

    New S5 owner

    My S5 SB is Mythos Black took delivery mid July and mine doesn't have chrome handles. Personally I prefer it without the chrome handles
  18. gldy_b

    Blackvue Dashcam - Which Fuses?

    I am after a dash cam for my S5. I have heard from someone that you can now get motion sensor on them too. So when someone approaches your car the cameras start to record? Can anyone recommend ??
  19. gldy_b

    Window malfunction S5 SB

    I've contacted Audi and they advised me to reset the windows. My windows was not dropping. Hold the windows button up for 3 secs wknd the window down and hold button for 3 secs and the window resets. I got full functionality back window is now dropping and working as should be..... so far