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    Need someone who can recode ecu to car in wiltshire area

    As above please can you pm its regarding a audi tt 2000 1.8 180bhp which I had to replace the ecu and need it coding to the car thanks
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    You may be right with this being the problem, I disconnected the maf and the car no longer goes crazy on idle, it does still rev a tiny bit and also the revs are slower to return to idle but assuming this is because the car does not how much air is going into the engine? So guessing replace...
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Just jacked the car up and the two boost pipes connecting to the intercooler were both not connected very well so have cleaned them up and reconnected and reset engine light so wait and see what happens tomorrow
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Thanks for your response, I will have a look and report back thanks Craig
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    On the boost pipes, As thought in was vacuum related? not saying your wrong lol just confirming I I can check the right bits :-) Thanks Craig
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    The n80 valve has made a difference however the fault is still there and now has brought the engine management light in saying. System to lean bank 1 any ideas as getting stuck now thanks Craig
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Got back and have got the n80 valve, part no is 06E 906 517A took 15mins to fit and was easy as it gets time will tell if it has worked and I will update in a few days
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Have taken pcv off and one way valve is fine thanks craig
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Im away this week on a course but am back Friday so will get one sorted then hopefully and will post part no up and price :thumbsup:
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Just been doing some googling and Broadsters solution has come up a few time with all the same symptoms and part is very cheap and easy to fit which I do like lol. going to get one order and fitted and go from there Thanks again
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Don't think its MAF as this wouldn't cause a vacuum, Thanks- will look into fuel flow valve The car is a 2006 Audi A3 2.0t petrol 200bhp thanks for responses
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    Car revving itself on idle ?

    Hi All Had the problem the other day I drove home from work and when I pulled onto my drive I let it idle a few mins like normal and the revs increased and went back down so I thought I might of twisted the mat or pressed the accelerator so moved mat out the way and it did it again and went...
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    C V boot

    I done mine yesterday myself cost me £5.99, got quotes from 2 Indy's and both were £80
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    loud bang and no power

    Check your boost pipes as one could of been taken off when work was carried out and not clip together properly
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    15Degrees-North S3 turbo Race Car build

    Brilliant thread and brilliant work, when running think I need to see it on track
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    I had a similar problem with a previous car, and spend a fortune, I had 2 new wheel bearings, 2 new abs sensors, sent my abs control module away to be checked repaired and still had a problem it turned out to be the wheel bearing I put in we're faulty as tha abs rings weren't correct from...
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    possible silly charcoal cannister question

    how does it come apart? thanks crig
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    My a3 sport still loosing water

    Only check the coolant level when the car has been off for a while (atleast an hour) to allow it to cool and water to settle and yeah it will have pressure in when the coolant is hot, avoid opening when hot as you could quite easily burn yourself when opening due to the pressure, when having...
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    What is the best way to get rid of SMOKING smell in car?

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