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    2008 B7 Phantom black Pearl A4 avant 2.0 TFSI Quattro S-Line Spec.Edition. Used values??

    Thanks for the replys, Gary I was thinking along the values that you mention. But trade value, I would be mad to sell on at this bracket as I would pretty gutted to sell at this level and would proberly hang onto it as well as the BMW- If I go for it! I should have added, I have owned a few...
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    Tatty brake calipers.

    I think red always looks well. I will try to attach a pic of my painted red calipers.
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    2008 B7 Phantom black Pearl A4 avant 2.0 TFSI Quattro S-Line Spec.Edition. Used values??

    I have owned my 2008 B7 avant from new and have just been put into a bit of a dilemma. I have the opportunity to buy a 18 month old BMW 535D M sport from a friend who is looking to downsize and being a typical male, have been drawn by twin turbo's and big HP. My only problem is I'm not sure what...
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    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Avant quattro Fuel Filter location?

    Thanks again, I finally got it for something similar the bill today was £25.13 inc Vat from TPS on Teesside. Not bad for a genuine audi Fuel filter, Pollen filter and oil filter. Was fairly chuffed as I had seen some fuel filters alone online for upto £40-£50. I just need to get them fitted...
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    I just bought a few genuine audi parts from TPS on teesside today and they only charged me £25.13 inc VAT for a fuel filter,pollen filter and oil filter. Lot cheaper than main dealer in my opinion. Might be worth a call/online request.
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    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Avant quattro Fuel Filter location?

    A little update for anyone else who may be looking to do a fuel filter change. I put the car on ramps and qickly removed the plastic cover as described by "custardsucker" :thumbsup:. The filter on mine does have 3 connections and the part no 4FO 201 511E. The main filter body dimensions are...
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    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Avant quattro Fuel Filter location?

    Thanks for that, I will have a look under the back end on some ramps when i next get chance. Mine is the BUL engine also, I dont suppose you remember if your filter had 3 or just 2 hose connections? cheers Andy
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    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Avant quattro Fuel Filter location?

    Hi All, does anyone have any experience of changing a fuel filter on 2.0t Avant quattro 2007 . I'm basically trying to locate it to identify which one I reqiure. (I believe there are a couple of different filters and locations depending on year and drive) Cheers Andy ...
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    Tight gearbox - Should I be worried ?

    My gearbox on my 2008 a4 2.0t fsi spec edition quattro is very tight especially in the cold weather, more 1st and 2nd.Although its no S4 i wonder if audi have a problem with gearboxes or maybe more specific selectors.It does seem to me on mine to be an internal selector problem rather than...
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    Newbie 2.0 TFSI worries

    I would have to agree with the comments on the 2.0 tsfi being noisy.Maybe i'm just to super critical too,but my 2008 b7 a4 2.0 tfsi sounds a little bit rattly on tickover. Again maybe being a bit too fusy but it was one of the first thing i noticed when i colected the car from brand new.
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    Anyone fitted their own towbar/rearbumper on a4 avant?

    Thanks for the reply.I really wish I'd read your pdf attatchment before i started fitting my towbar as it is excellent! Unfortunately I have already fitted my westfalia detatchable towbar and genuine Audi 7pin electrics.And very similar to yourself I had an absoloute nightmare.What i thought...
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    a4 avant rear bumper removal

    cheers for the advice.i'm going to do it today as i've now received my new towbar.
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    a4 avant rear bumper removal

    Hi, has anyone removed/fitted a rear bumper to a4 avant.Just trying to find out if its straight forward or a bit of a nightmare. The car i'm looking to do it on is a 2007model. any tips/advice apreciated. thanks andy
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    Astra GTE

    not many good standard ones left now. Mine loves sitting in the garage doing nothing. shame really dont have the time to ues it more.
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    Anyone fitted their own towbar/rearbumper on a4 avant?

    Hi, I am after some advice on fitting a towbar to my 2007/8 a4 avant s line.I believe you have to remove the rear bumper to do this and wondered if anyone has done this who can give any good tips/things to watch out for. I'm looking to fit a "westfalia" removeable type of towbar. Thanks in...
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    Dealer child/baby seat isofix?

    I just wanted to ask if anyone has a audi dealer supplied child/baby seat that isofix's into their car. I was after knowing if the isofix part of the seat presses down on the cars seats and leaves an imprint or if the isofix system sits slightly off the seats. I know this might sound a bit fussy...
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    a4 avant special edt 2.0 quattro. which extras?

    thanks for the reply, yes your right the multi function steer wheel is standard on the car i'm ordering,I confused myself with my own handwriting,I had actually wrote on my wish list "HFS" for HEATED FRONT SEATS but when I looked at it recently i read it as "MFS". I have read a few comments...
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    a4 avant roof rails easy to change?

    thanks for the replies,as I dont actually own an avant yet I wasnt to sure if it was something that could be changed easily or not. I agree i dont think i'd fancy pulling the roof lining off to change them. The reason I 'm asking is the car i've ordered comes with the black optic pack and i find...
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    a4 avant special edt 2.0 quattro. which extras?

    yes i know what you mean about cold seats in winter.I had heated seats on my previous car a e39 5 series. they have three heat settings which was quite good. I did think about the parking sensors but I had them on my bmw and to be honest i found them a nuisance.Every time I reversed car into...
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    What was your 1st motorcycle

    I've owned a few 2 strokes,great fun,love the smell! first bike, yamaha yz125 yamaha dtr 125 (off road converted) suzuki tsx50 first street legal bike kawasaki kx 500 (break you leg kick starting it) honda nsr 125...