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    Help Please! P2002 DPF fault code and limp mode

    Hydogen Carbon Clean worked for me however guy was local so dont know if you have someone local i am in West Lothian
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    Overboost/Limp mode

    Do not buy a turbo until you try the Hydrogen Carbon Clean i did and no more limp mode and running sweeter than ever 2006 TDI
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    Limp Mode

    You could try a Hydrogen Carbon Clean, had similar problems and gave this guy a shout this is a new concept were your full system get cleaned out with hydrogen mixed with distilled water, worked a treat no more limp mode and performing great, this guy is in West Lothian but maybe worth...
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    What performance upgrades can i do now to increase 1/4 mile time?

    Just a suggestion have you thought about a Hydrogen Carbon Clean, theres a guy called Aiky in West Lothian who does this, results are far beyond expectations try a google on it, i got rid of limp mode and an engine that wanted to go 2.0TDI
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    Egr valve Enquiry

    You could always try a Hydrogen Carbon Clean comes in around £90 for 45mins gave it a go myself and its the way forward no more sluggishness no more limp mode best £90 i was told more than half a dozen times i needed a new turbo guess what carbon build up just google it guy i used is in west lothian
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    Bad vibration??

    Had similar to this before and turned out donought had perished at rear propshaft joint you may want to check this out
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    Hi Joe would you be able to help me with A3 Quattro 20tdi going into limp mode. I'm in Whitburn

    Hi Joe would you be able to help me with A3 Quattro 20tdi going into limp mode. I'm in Whitburn
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    A3 TDI Discs and pads

    Hi there will Audi A3 2.0 TDI 2006 rear brakes and pads fit my A3 Quattro 2.0 TDI 2006?
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    ESP light on

    Will take it off today never thought of the seal being perished cheers for the heads up.
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    ESP light on

    Hi Zerocool checked out controller today and no rust however esp light now off.
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    ESP light on

    Cheers mate, it does have 4 wheel drive and not wheel spinning at all but will check out that controller today.
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    ESP light on

    Hi Zerocool sorry should have said it is intermittent although it is on more than it is off.
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    Hello Stuartgib here

    Hi all look forward to joining in with you all
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    ESP light on

    Hi I've just bought an Audi A3 2Lt tdi Quattro, firstly I bought this with the n/s/r wheel binding and ABS light on, I carried out a diagnostic check and as I thought I found the code 0122 wheel speed sensor rear left and 030a steering wheel angle sensor...after fixing the calliper and renewing...