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    Quick interior update

    Not my cup of tea bit it's always nice to see something different. Fair play to ya.
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    Replacing B pillar exterior trim???

    Will see if I can find it, if I do I'll post a link.
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    Replacing B pillar exterior trim???

    If you open the door you will see three rivets holding it in, these need to be drilled out then you have to pull it away from the car slightly and push/pull it towards the rear of the car to release two hook clip type things. If you do a search theirs a guide on here somewhere as I looked at it...
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    Hi all, lowering my a3 SE 45mm

    Any luck with the lowered pic mate?
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    help needed wiper blades

    Need some help with a little problem with the wiper blades please guys. Basically I decided to clean up the engine bay after work today and also removed the scuttle panel to spruce it up a bit, to do this you have to remove the wipers as most of you probably know. When I put them back on the...
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    Honey Combe grill. S3 8p2 2007

    Sorry just read the post properly and noticed it's for an s3, I don't think they fit s3.
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    Honey Combe grill. S3 8p2 2007

    You can get a honeycomb grill off eBay. I fitted one to mine last week, payed £125 for it and quality is good.
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    Glove Box Woes

    I put screws in mine from the outside of the lid in to the hinges. It's done the trick and been fine for the past 3 years.
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    Played with Plastidip on my grill..

    I've not tried it but looked into it a couple of weeks ago, it looks good but I don't think it's removable.
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    Baileys A3 Mods

    Few more little updates: On Monday I randomly decided I was going to take my headlights apart and black them out inside, it's been a massive struggle as I've had to fight the terrible weather but all worth it in the end. While the bumper was off I finally got to swap out my old grill for my...
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    Cheap clay bars what there like?

    My car is black mate, if yours is silver and you look at dodo juice wax they do different types for different colours.
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    Well done hid experience!

    Did you retrofit the projectors yourself?
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    Cheap clay bars what there like?

    For a good shampoo that won't strip your wax I would recommend car chem 1900:1 Good stuff and smells really nice too. As for polish, I use meguiars ultimate compound, also good stuff. Only wax I've tried in a while is the dodo juice purple haze and although I have nothing to compare it to it's...
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    Cheap clay bars what there like?

    Check out the farecla clay mitt. Got myself one a couple of weeks back and it's brilliant. Very easy to use. You can get it from Halford, think it's about £13.
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    My s3 has been shot by air rifle!

    I could be wrong but I would have thought the "twats" comment was aimed at the idiot that caused the damage.
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    would you use these applicator pads on your pride and joy

    I used these to apply dodo juice wax to my black freshly polished swirl free bonnet last weekend and didn't have any problems with them. I haven't tried it myself but it might be worth doing the cd test like you would with a microfibre if you have any doubts.
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    Cheap microfiber towels

    I saw the thread title and though it was somebody asking about microfibers, was going to suggest the Costco one's myself lol. For the price you can't beat them. I used them to buff off polish and wax on Friday and they did the job well without leaving any scratches. Plus once they're no longer...
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    New to detailing

    Stardrops apc, £1. 36 decent microfibers from Costco, £10. Farecla clay mitt, £13. Apparently lasts a lot longer than clay bars and definitely much easier to use.
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    stale smoke

    Never done it myself but apparently white vinegar is good for this and can be done in different ways. Google it. Hope this helps.
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    Carista App

    Brilliant, I'll be ordering one of these then unless someone posts a cheaper one. Thanks mate